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28-03-07, 08:51
For you early birds that were up this morning, BBC breakfast featured a report that N.I.C.E. licenced computer based CBT courses (CCBT) will be available from the NHS from 1st April.

There doesn't seem to be an article on the BBC website for this morning yet, but there is one dated yesterday which covers most of what they discussed.


Hopefully they will put it up in the vidoes section so people can take a look, it was quite a good report. They explained very basically what CBT is and had a chat with a person who had trialed one of the courses. Let us know if anyone spots it amongst the videos on there.


28-03-07, 15:28
Hi Jim, last year I was taken to the N.I.C.E meeting on this, by my CBT because they wanted "user opinion" they had a huge debate about if they should make it available on computor (whilst I sat there prentending I was a clever person,lol) in the end they said although they can make it available through the NHS it would cost your GP surgery £500 for each client,
and they asked my gp surgery if they would be willing for me to try it for research and my gp said no..not at that price!!!

Infact somewhere upstairs I may have the original paper work on it and also a disc that I have never used (dont even know what its about?)
If I find it I could forward it to Nicola if wanted ?

28-03-07, 15:39

Link to NICE report.

I'm sure 500 is cheaper than meds and non working!!


28-03-07, 15:45
Just had a search and ive found it :yesyes:

At the time my CBT said to me "how do you feel about the fact that you have shaped the future of the NHS" ,but I didnt feel I had, I just had a good moan about how there doesnt seem like much support out there for us :mad: .

anyway, Ive got the paper work here in my hands...and the disc is a programme demonstration.The one I have here
is called...... BEATING THE BLUES
recognised by nice as a cost effective intervention for depression.

They also have BEATING THE BLUES, computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CCBT) for anxiety and depression.

I will type out the paper work for you :winks:

28-03-07, 15:55
Beating the blues is a cost effective and time efficient way of helping people suffering with anxiety and depression to get better and stay better.
It is clinically proven,drug free treatment which integrates best practice in phychological theripies with advanced multimedia software. The programme was developed and evaluated by ultrasis in collaboration with a reseach team from the institute of psychiatry,kings college,london. this team was led by Dr Judy Proudfoot and included proffesor sir David Goldberg, proffesor Jeffrey Gray, Proffesor Issac marks and Proffesor Anthony Mann.

Beating the Blues is an 8 session ,self help treatment designed for use by patients with no previous computer experiance. During the 8 session programme users identify specific problems and realistic treatment goals.They work through cognitive modules which focus on the idetification and challenge fo automatic thoughts, thinking errors,distrations,core beliefs and attributional styles.
Interwoven with these cognitive elemetns are problem directed behavioural componentswhere patients can work on any two of activity scheduling,problem solving , graded exposure, task breakdown or sleep management according to their specific problems.
The final module looks at action planning and relapse prevention.

to be continued.......

28-03-07, 16:05
Beating the blues uses interative modules, animations and voice overs to motivate and engage the user. A major feature is a series of filmed case studies of fictional patients who model the symptoms of anxiety and depression and help demonstrate the treatment by cognitive behavioural therapy.
Beating the Blues has been through independant clinical randomised control trials. The results of these trials, published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, demonstrate that Beating the Blues is an effective treatment for anxiety and depression and is better than GP treatment as usual. Patients using Beating the blues benefit form 30 additional depression free days in the 6 months after treatment. Patient satisfaction has been demonstrated in an open study when nine out of ten patients would recommend Beating the Blues to others and over half fount the Programme better than other treatments they had previously recieved.
The current N.I.C.E aprraisal of computorised CBT recommends that Beating the Blues is offered to all patients with mild and moderate depression. This appraisal has been issued as formal guidance to the NHS on February 22nd 2006. More information about this recommendation can be found at ;
Beating the Blues is used in over 250 sites within National Health Service Primary Care Trusts, community Mental health trusts and specialist CBT services as a treatment option for anxiety and depression.
It is now being offered in the United States,canada and Austrailia.

28-03-07, 16:09
It does say .....
that you would use the programme in your GP health center with a nurse helping you (you will not use it on your own at home).