View Full Version : Has anyone had a pelvic mri scan?

26-09-16, 00:00
I am having a pelvic mri scan as the doctors think i have a urethral cyst and want to comfirm it. My question is if i have any other cysts in this area will it be picked up? and is the bowels picked up in this scan aswell?

thanks xx

26-09-16, 22:25
Pelvic MRI usually will show the bowels as well Shelley, it should pick up if there is anything unusual. If you have questions, you could always ring the MRI dept, or ask the radiographers who do your scan. Hope it goes well x

Pearly queen
27-09-16, 09:49
I would say yes they definitely will be able too pick up other things. I haven't had an mri but had a pelvic ultrasound for my ovaries. They were able to tell me I had only one kidney too, which was shocking news to me! So don't worry.

29-09-16, 13:54
I'm positive they will be able to pick up other things as I've had some water cysts a while ago which showed on the scan.