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28-09-16, 11:23
Hello everyone. :)
My name is Ste from Malvern in the West Midlands. Pretty low at the moment and want to talk to people who understand the emptiness of it all. Anyone like to talk please?
Thank You

28-09-16, 11:25
We all like to talk here, so you are in the right place. :)

Do you know what has made you feel so low?

28-09-16, 11:48
Hi. The million dollar question. It's kind of all a blur but the world in general has a big part to play for me. I have a young son and I fear so badly for his future. The world scares me. There are a million and one other things too. My moods my behavior my inability to be happy amongst others. Sat in the doctors waiting to be seen. Need to start on some medication. Start cbt on Saturday though I've had little bits before I've never followed it through.

10-01-17, 16:48
Hi and welcome :)