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13-10-16, 00:11
Just thought I would do a little post for anyone who gets prescribed this and is a bit apprehensive, as I was and maybe it will help. Was prescribed 2.5mg at night for anxiety. Took dose around 6.30pm. Felt drowsy, but not stoned or dizzy in any way, just tired. After about two hours I was ready for bed, I probably could have stayed up longer, but I was ready to sleep and I have to get up early for work. I also take other medications, Zoloft 50mg in the am, valium 3 x 2mgs daily and Mirtazapine 15mg at night. I am aiming firstly to wean off the valium, once I am stabalised on this medication. So I tried to space the valium out during the day and took the last one around 4.00pm, so I wasn't too tired with all the other medications, then I took the Zyprexa at 6.30pm and then when I was ready to sleep I took the Mirtazapine, probably around 9.00pm. I fell asleep within half hour. I was up at 5.30am. Had a shower to wake me up, which I will continue to do now, as it seems to decrease the morning anxiety and get me going and am at work. I have not felt tired or groggy at all at work and am able to concentrate as per normal, in fact better than I have been for the last few weeks because my head isn't consumed by anxiety like it use to be. Early days, yet, but hope this may help someone in the future. xx Tracy

13-10-16, 01:28
Wow! Seems to have done a good job! Hope it continues xo

13-10-16, 01:37
Hope it keeps up like that.

13-10-16, 23:06
Day 2. Was quite tired when I got home from work. No more than usual though. Lay on the bed and I think I actually fell asleep for half hour (sometimes I drift off, but I don't think I have slept, if that makes sense). Woke up and was fine. Took pill around 6.30pm again, this time there was no sleepiness at all (probably because I dozed when I got home from work). Anxiety has been much better. It is still there, I still have the morning anxiety (the physical symptoms mainly of tension in my arms, I have described it sometimes as my blood feels hot in my arms and they feel tense). In any case once I get up and get moving to come into work it fades. The anxiety is still there a little, but it is definately much more manageable and I am able to function and concentrate normally. It is still early days, but I am managing and able to function with normal everyday activities so I am thankful for that.

13-10-16, 23:10
Glad it is helping!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

13-10-16, 23:31
Thanks Beth :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

31-10-16, 10:43
Been on 2.5mg at night for nearly 2 1/2 weeks. Anxiety still sky high during the day. I take the dose at 6.00pm and feel no anxiety (or very little after I have taken it). I think it would be better to take it in the day, but don't know how tired it would make me. Has anyone else tried it during the day?