View Full Version : Are these just ectopics?

02-04-07, 15:18
Last night I was awoken by my heart seeming to beat then stop then start again with either a thump in my chest or it feels like something is moving in my chest moving up to my throat. They have been going on and off all day and I'm getting worried now. Sometimes my heart beats really fast after it has stopped. Should I go to my GP? The thing is I don't really feel anxious. But maybe the fact I left my old job on Thursday to start a new job freelance, it's all a bit scary but I really don't feel consciously anxious. Maybe its a delayed thing as I wasn't really happy in my old job.

Also if I talk and get one of these turns it's like I've been winded and cant speak for a split second. Does any of this sound familiar??

02-04-07, 17:53

i think lolly is right go see your gp he/she will tell you that they are ectopics and that might put your mind at rest
i get ectopics and what your getting sounds just the same


04-04-07, 10:05
Same here i get ectopic beats sometimes and that sounds just like me go to see your gp to put your mind at rest it helps love Julie xx

09-04-07, 16:37

Yes it sounds like ectopics i get them have done for 7yrs now when i'm worried alot i can get loads, at the moment i may get the odd 1 or 2 a day it is worth getting it checked with your gp though to put your mind at rest. You don't have to be anxious to get them. But they are not harmful.


09-04-07, 19:52
Iv just realised I get these too but only 1 or 2 a day but sometimes more but I try not to worry about them too much if I can

10-04-07, 03:22
Well its odd..Everytime i get on here to post someone else has beat me to it with the same exact symptom..Must be a rash of these going around..I was overly tired last night from being out most of the day since thats not like me to do that..I stayed up late and when i went to be it was hard for me to go to sleep..I usually go to sleep and since I hear my pulse in my ears anyway i usually notice skipped beats at odd times..Last night as I drifted off to sleep I had a tremendous thump in my chest exactly what you described..I woke with a jolt and well if I hadnt been so tired i would have worried all night instead i finally did get to sleep and then woke very tired today and started worrying about the thump and the hearing my pulse thundering in my ears all the time..I have a nurse friend,I know most of you know this but well she was over with her husband and she is the one that always tells me there is absolutley nothing wrong with me..She sat there drinking her soda and listening to how i felt last night even with the thump and never commented.This tells me she doesnt believe that this is anything serious and has told me before that everybody feels that way and has missed beats.. I hope to God that she is right because I have more than my share too but well the doctors have told me that i was depressed and anxious and that was mostly what my problem was and that my lungs sounded clear and my heart strong so well what can i say guess this goes along with anxiety and odd but seems to be a rash of this going around..Not to sound crazy but do you think the aliens are experimenting a percentage of us and we dont know it thats why we have the symptoms.. lol.. just a thought. .i wouldnt worry too much i think what you symptoms are the number one complaint of anxious people and the ones that arent anxious are too tired or dont care to notice it.. I ignored them for many years and well im still here.. so theres a huge possibilty that you will be too.. good luck

10-04-07, 20:17
This is weird! I was just reading the forum, thinking I'd post a message about what I'd experienced for the first time a few minutes ago! But it seems you've beaten me to it..!

I was just surfing the net then it suddenly felt as if my heart was really slowing down then just I started to worry about this it started beating so fast... It's still beating faster than usual but it seems to have have become more normal. I hope it's just due to anxiety. I've had to take my blood pressure every day for the past 2 weeks as I had a couple of high readings when I went to see my GP and tomorrow's the day I take the readings back to the surgery. I had been really happy - as they were all under 140/90 so I wasn't worrying about it, but now I'll have this to tell her about.