View Full Version : started olanzapine 5 mg FOR BP

31-10-16, 16:35
Hello everyone ,i`m new to all this so please forgive me if this is in the wrong place!
I live in uk and i am 40 yrs young;-),i have been diagnosed OCD and have health anxiety for about the last 15 years,along with depression,mania etc.
A week ago(tue) i was given olanzapine 5mg by my doc to stabilize my moods.
They worked well,i slept for the first time in ages but i wake up very alert and still slightly manic ,i`m going back tomorrow as after about 3 nights of taking them,along with clonazepan,gabapentin i woke up to find i had weed myself during the night and i had what looked like a very small amount of blood on my white underpants ,nothing since and could it be the olanzapine?i will mention it to my doc tomorrow,also been having very realistic dreams too but apart from that still taking them,
Thanks in advance,mark.