View Full Version : Just been prescribed Buspirone 5mg

01-11-16, 15:02
Just wanted some advice, had been given Diazepam previously which never touched me and today been given a prescription for Buspirone 5mgs. Can anyone advise how they felt when they started taking them? I also take Mirtazapine (which is useless) just wondered if it helped you with anxiety/took the edge off at all, and if you had any side effects? Thanks in advance.

27-11-16, 01:24
I didn't really feel much from Buspar when i was one 10mg twice a day but it did relieve sexual side effects from an SSRI i was taking. You probably wont notice much at 5mg.

27-11-16, 01:30
buspirone made me feel vaguely dizzy but nothing else unfortunately.

I take Diazepam as needed for panic. 4mg does the trick usually.