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04-04-07, 14:16

(Note: This post has embarassing girlie questions:))

I am scheduled for a colonoscopy this week, but I just realized I am going to be on my period. I have looked online and it does not seem to be an issue, but I was wondering if any women have done this procedure during their cycle? My concerns are that I have to fast the day before and will not be able to take my cramps pain reliever... Also, would I be permitted to wear a tampon during? And the bloating from the air they put in you for better visualization - would that make my period more painful?

Maybe I should reschedule?

Advice please!!!


04-04-07, 15:26
Hi, I've had a sigmoidoscopy (which is like a mini colonoscopy) but this did not coincide with my period so I'm not entirely sure.

I did not have sedation for mine (I was given the choice and opted not to have it); however I think with a full colonoscopy you are sedated as the procedure takes a bit longer. Therefore I would not imagine you would be feeling any more pain from your period. The procedure's not painful anyway, just uncomfortable after a while where they fill you with air.

I would think you would not be allowed to take any medication beforehand if you are fasting.

I can't see why you couldn't wear a tampon during the procedure.

If I were you, I'd telephone the hospital where you are having it done and speak to one of the nurses. They will be able to advise you what is best.

Best of luck, hope it goes ok.

04-04-07, 15:55

I had a colonoscopy a couple of years ago. It was during my period and they said it was fine. It didn't cause me any problems.

I had to fast too but I was told that I could still take any medication so I imagine it would be the same for pain killers. Just ask if you are not sure. The bloating did not cause me any problems either so try not to worry.

Good luck.

04-04-07, 17:16
Thanks guys :)

Jo - sorry to get personal... were you wearing a tampon? Could this obstruct any passages back there (sorry to be gross!)?!


04-04-07, 17:59
Yes Lola, I was wearing a tampon and it was no problem.

04-04-07, 21:27
Hi I had a sigmoidoscopy to not the full Colonoscopy, They sedate for that or put you to sleep I think, They told me to fast but said I could take medication with a little water, but as been said I would ring the hospital and ask. I wasnt offered ant sedation and the camera and tube was no problem, but the air was a bit painfull: now we know how babies feel with wind, take care hope all goes well Vernon

02-08-09, 18:04
I had a CT Colonoscopy just last week and this is my experience. It was scheduled for Tuesday at 4.15am on the Monday the day before I was told to eat normally until 2pm in the afternoon and had to take a Picolax sachet and then take another one at 7pm and then not to eat any solid foods until the day of the procedure...(that was the most worrying thing for me because I eat like a horse).I took the first laxative and was dreading what was going to happen but nothing did until 3 and a half hours later.
When I did go to the toilet it wasn't that bad and didn't really miss my food.When I took the 2nd one I did go a bit more frequently but wasn't unpleasent.The day after I didn't go at all.
The procedure I had was lying on a scanning machine and had an injection to relax my colon and had some dye injected which wasn't painful.They then introduced a tube up my recturm and introduced carbon dioxide which felt a bit like stomach cramp which did feel uncomfortable but was bearable.
With a normal colonoscopy you are sedated and won't feel or remember anything until you wake up...good luck and try not to worry it's not as bad as you think!!!