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14-11-16, 13:10
I am 6 days on 20mg of Amitriptyline for sleep and GAD. So far the terrible headaches have worn off, I do not have any side effects except for some tiredness but aren't sleeping very well even with the meds but my anxiety seems to have heightened somewhat. I know this is normal with most anitipressants.What dose did people take and settle on for helping with GAD? This is kind of my last chance now as I have tried so many drugs that have all failed and 17 months later still cannot even go out apart from to my doctors or to rush into the local shop and out again. I was given this a few years ago but after a week went onto Citalopram as I went fine then had a huge panic attack. I often wonder if I had stuck with it would it have worked as there is little on the net really but what I have found is that despite it being an older type AD, it works just as well as SSRI's which I need basically knocking out with benzos to tolerate. Hugs Karen x

15-11-16, 12:03
MY doctor has just increased the Amitiptyline to 30mg and says for depression and anxiety we need to get to 75mg really. SO I shall do a 10mg increase each week. He still only gave me a few Lorazepam pills to help as the only side effect I had was a bit of ringing in my ears (gone now), vile heads (gone now) and heightened anxiety (not gone, pah!!!)My sleep is still rubbish too but he claims increasing should make me calmer each time...not normally how ANTIDEPRESSANTS

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OOOps, pressedenter too soon .....work on me at all but will go with it.

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I am expecting to get high anxiety and the headaches to return but have no real experience with this meds so fingers crossed.

16-11-16, 10:55
I upped to 30mg last night but took my dose at 8pm and was out like a light within ten mins so this evening am going to string it out to 10pm as I was awake by 1.30pm feeling very dizzy and sickly. New side effect on this dose. Managed to go out to local shop and will up again to 40 this evening unless any terrible anxiety hits me today but I want to get onto a dose that helps as quickly and as painlessly as possible. It's 9.50 now and I am still pretty sleepy but calm right now, so if I can just make it through the afternoon that will be good. My doctor swore and higher dose would not push up my anxiety levels but I have heard it all before but not going to try and dwell on it or I will panic. Good morning nay one reading this xxx