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06-04-07, 20:59
Hi Nic

If there isn't one already, can we have a 'sticky' in which we can offer help & tips for the games? A few times I have felt like punching my computer as I can't improve score and wonder how others have scored so highly (the instructions aren't always helpful).


Kay x

06-04-07, 21:10

I am rubbish at them all!!!

I resign myself to the fact that I will never be on the leaderboard.

Granny Primark
06-04-07, 21:55
I think the games are great.
But i do feel that there maybe people who register with the site not to get advice or give support to other sufferers but to use the site for just the games.
Im probably going get disliked for my opinion but i have heard others agree with me on this.

Take care

06-04-07, 22:01
Lynn - I am aware of these people and some are partners of members on here and do let me know that they are joining to play the games.

As a guest you cannot see the games so you would have to sign up to see them and make 2 posts at least. So they are not signing up just to play the games as they wouldn't know about them unless someone told them.

I do keep an eye on things to be honest. Maybe I need to increase the minimum post cost from 2 - hard one to judge isn't it?

To be honest I wouldn't join a forum to just play games I would go to one of the millions of online gaming sites and play for free - I get all the games from one of those as it happens!

18-04-07, 10:43
I agree nicola, there is loads of sites that you can go and play games on like capcom etc, how about making a list of the places you get or know which does free game sand then if there is anyone just on for the games they can leave and let us be? just a suggestion.
i enjoy playing the games i must say (being honest) but most of the time im waiting for post to be replied to and just killing some time.
i also play them befor ei go out to relax me as a sort of distraction technique.

i stuck to one specific game the other day more to test it to see if i could get anywhere near the "high score" and i completed the game and was short about 70,000 points. the game is tower defence nd i have played it before. the high score ever that is set must have used a crack to get that sort of score, and the crack does exsisit.
i completed the game and its not like a quiz so the points shouldt be that far apart so there is definetly something fishy happening,

it dont bother me if people are cheaing though i just dont get what fun it would be playing it if your going to cheat, because you know your going to win????

thanks for your time, Ashley

p.s love this site for tips and stuff on my anxiety ibs. for that i thank you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

18-04-07, 13:29
Hi Kay,

If theres any of the games that you see I play hun and want to know anything about them pm me and I will tell you all I know I used to get frustrated with a few of them too lol. xx And Lynn I agree with you 100% this site first and foremost is for anxiety sufferers the games thanks to Nic are a bonus. xx