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Laura xx
19-10-04, 17:13
Well I had my ECG yesterday and it was showing "Borderline ECG", "Borderline ST Levitation". The Doctor does not seem too worried, but is sending me to a cardiologist to put my own mind at rest (I have an appointment for 2 weeks time). Had a terrible night last night. I was awake all night with panic attack after panic attack and ending up heaving into a bowl all night.

I am so scared. I am sure I have something wrong with my heart as I am getting shooting pains all round it! If I have another evening like it I think I might take myself to A&E?

I am constantly feeling anxious and panicky and I cannot seem to eat a thing - even a biscuit is making me feel sick.

Just not feeling great!

19-10-04, 17:30
hi Laura,

Try not to let yourself get worked up about it!! I'm sure there is nothing wrong with your heart - I used to get what I called 'heart pains' all the time and went to have tests done. Everything came back normal. After that, the pains stopped and I realised that they were all in my head and that once I knew that there was nothing wrong with me, I didn't have to worry anymore. I'm sure it will be the same for you!!

Sarah :D

19-10-04, 17:46
Hi Laura

If the doc was really worried he would have referred you straight away to hospital rather than make you wait 2 weeks for the more tests.

The pain around the heart is normal - a lot of people on here get it and I used to too. Read this from the website to reassure you...

Heart palpitations/chest pains

One of the most worrying symptoms is chest pains or a tight feeling in your chest. The immediate thought is "heart attack" or "stroke" and this only worries you more. You may also notice that your heartbeat is incredibly fast and again this leads to the worry that you will have a heart attack. There is no evidence that Panic and anxiety has any adverse effect on the heart and the pains are easily explained. When you start panicking the whole of you body becomes tense and your muscles tense up also. This is also true of the heart as after all it is just another (albeit very important) muscle.

The chest pains are due to the constricting of the heart muscles and apparently the best cure is to start exercising and stretching these muscles to relieve the pain. Although you may not feel like doing any exercise whilst getting these pains, try stretching your arms above and behind your head and bending over gently to relieve the pain. If you are worried that it may be a heart problem, then make an appointment to see your G.P. who will be able to rule out any heart problems.

If your G.P. has given you the all clear then do not be alarmed if the chest pains come back and last for more than a day and you think it is related to panic, although it is painful and worrying, the pains will go away if you try gentle exercise and not think about them.


19-10-04, 19:12
Hi Laura

Sorry you have got yourself so worked up about your chest pains, i know how easy it is and it contribute to leading to more panic.

Like you say your doctors seemed okay with the results and going to see a cardiologist can only put your mind at ease.

I know it is so easy to say try not to worry too much, but how you are feeling is a very common part of anxiety and panic.

Love Sal xxxxx

19-10-04, 20:25

do not worry about the results, before you know it it may be the result your hoping for! look at the bright side of it!

Scooter Girl

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20-10-04, 00:17
hi laura i have had recurring pains in my chest for the last 7 years - i have had nine trips to hospital and nine ecgs all of which were clear
i know your mind must be raceing and you must be scared - think when you are able to relax do the pains go away? your doctor cant be too concerned else he would have given you something to ease the pain and given you an earlier appointment? try and remain positive to it all i know its easier said than done - anxiety is a cruel illness but im sure it will all turn out for the best for you
love and hugs

20-10-04, 01:47
Hi Laura

Chest pains are VERY common with those of us who suffer from anxiety and PA's. In the past few years, Ive had enough "heart attacks" to bump off half the people in my city - but, I'm still here!!![8D]

Not trying to make light of your symptoms - but, just letting you know you certainly aren't alone. Stress tests, visits to specialists... I've done them all... It is immensely scary, feeling this way, but rarely do these pains amount to anything serious. I realize this is the dumbest advice in the world - but, try not to worry about it. Ask youself how many times these chest pains have croaked you (zero). As Nicola said, if the doc had thought it was serious, you'd be in a hospital bed with wires and tubes all about you.

While many doctors have the bedside manner of a goat (goat ???), they are also, as a rule, quite competent, and will not allow someone who is about to have the "big one" to go wandering about the streets!!!

Try to trust and beileve that, Get a big glass of soda, have a massive burp, (that always worked wonders for me - Honest!!) Stretch - you may find that stretching certain ways will cause some of these mystery pains to reappear - a sure sign that your muscles are tight and are causing the twinges - not your heart, That can be comforting (if a little painful...:D)

Hope this made sense - remember, when we write this stuff, its not that we're a bunch of know it alls - we do it because we care, and also because we've been there, too!!

Hang in there!

Love Rick

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04-05-09, 14:31

I suffer from anxiety and major panic attacks. I was taking medication for way longer than the reccommended time. This was because i moved abroad and was able to purchase over the counter (this medicine was fluoxotine).

I have also just been diagnosed with high blood bressure, Im only 21 years old! Of course this led to more panic attacks. I have since had heart monitor tests, blood tests, ultra sounds, scans etc.

All of course coming back clear (i also only have 1 kidney, which is in perfect condition).

Just recently i had notcied a 'fluttering' in my chest, followed by a 'thumping' and 'shots of pain' also in my chest. I put it to the back of my mind telling myself i was being paranoid, but after a few days of this i finally gave in and thought i MUST get it checked out.

When i got to the hospital the feelings got worse, still i tried to ignore them but at the same time feeling this pains/thumps/flutters more and more.
Eventually i had an ECG, everything was fine, no problems, the ECG results were 'NORMAL'. The doctors then told me it must be psychology.
Amazingly enough, it all stopped !!

No more flutters.
No more thumping.
No more pains.
No more pulpatations.

Everything was ok, 'NORMAL'. Everyone is different, which of course means everyones 'NORMAL' is different!

I suppose i just had to be told officially there was nothing wrong, and now i had it on paper.
I am slowly over coming these panic attacks and anxiety, its not easy though.


Anyway, i hope my experience will help you Laura, and others!!