View Full Version : Now on 75mg for GAD

08-12-16, 16:31
I've only been on this dose two nights so know it needs time to kick in but is it really any use? I know it must have been at one point as it is what they prescribed since the 60's. Had a lot of side effects today including anxiety, headaches and suicidal thoughts. I;m ok now though but have come to a bit of what can I try next as nothing seems to be working so this is kind of my last resort meds.

18-07-17, 19:05
I know it's been a while, but how has or did the med work for you?

07-08-17, 12:49
I have gone up to 150mg and as whole definitely yes but I had something traumatic happen to me a few weeks back and that kind of pushed me over the edge again (violent partner). I leveled out again but right now have anxiety because my hormones are all over the place. But I gone from never being able to go out to having many, many good days. More good than bad for sure :)