View Full Version : CT Scan of Spleen Lesion

12-12-16, 19:40
Sorry if this is in the wrong place...I couldn't find one for CT, so hope it's ok.

I've had some weird on and off symptoms his whole year (you can read about it on my other post). They found slightly raised liver enzyme levels, which prompted an abdominal ultrasound...which found mild fatty liver, a small liver cyst, and a "Spleen Lesion."

Needless to say, I have not been able to sleep or eat since I received this report. Am terrified of The Big C. The thing is, when I did the scan, the sonogram lady laughed at me when I asked her if it is the Big C...so I walked out of there completely reassured. Then a week later, I received my sonogram report with some abnormalities. Am now freaking out about all this....

Turned to Google and the only thing i can find on spleen lesion is lymphoma...which I have kind of vaguely suspected all year (generalized itching, thought I had some enlarged lymph nodes), etc. Has anyone experienced anything similar?