View Full Version : Gastroscopy - My experience (a good one)

19-12-16, 12:32
Hi all

I've just had this procedure on Saturday. I'd been nervous about it most of the week and had been reading a few of the threads on here as I couldn't decide whether to go with sedation or not.

I ended up just getting the throat spray and it wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be. My main concern was that I wouldn't be able to swallow when asked but when the time came I managed no bother. The whole experience only lasted a few minutes. A very surreal experience.

Thankfully everything came back normal for me so I can at least try and concentrate on moving on with my symptoms (as posted in the introduce yourself section).

I would be happy answering any questions on my experience if any one was interested. I just thought it was important to put this out there to give my two pence worth.

What I would add is that since the procedure I have had moments of feeling a slight weakness in my stomach area but I'm putting that down to the fact its not used to having a camera in there and has probably been irritated a little!


20-12-16, 18:49
Thank you for sharing. The good stories are important to post!