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28-12-16, 20:02
Hi everyone, I took two HPT yesterday after realizing my period was 4 days late and both were positive. Counting from my last period as day 1, I guess that would make me 4w6d pregnant. I'm going to take one more HPT a few days from now and will make an appointment with my doctor after.

I'm 31yo so a little bit on the older spectrum for having a 1st child and have been "loosely" trying to get pregnant for a few months now. To tell the truth, I honestly believed I would have fertility issues (there's my HA rearing its head again thinking I had endo or ovulation problems) and didn't think I would get pregnant so soon after trying. It was the holiday season and I did end up social drinking at the parties I went to more than I'd like to admit. Now I'm afraid I've done some irreparable harm to the developing embryo and will have a miscarriage or it'll have some developmental problem and am mentally beating myself up over my carelessness.

Also exacerbating my worries is that I've had HA for a while now. I'll randomly get surges of adrenaline some days and my heart will beat really fast. I've had on and off anxiety since the end of October (first my mole fear and then my fertility fears and now that I'm getting a positive test, miscarriage fears) and am worried that the stress and my generalized anxiety issues will affect the baby's development. :weep:

06-01-17, 23:40
Hi everyone, update! I started bleeding red (enough to fill a panty liner) Wednesday night and went to the ER, sure that it was the beginnings of a miscarriage. I had ultrasounds (and a cervical exam to determine if my cervix was still closed, which was really uncomfortable!!) and it turns out I have a subchorionic hemorrhage... Can't be 100% positive that is the only issue since I was only 5w6d at the time and though I had a good looking gestational sac and yolk sac, there was no embryo or heartbeat they could see. But just going by looks and the testing it didn't seem like a miscarriage was taking place.

The bleeding slowly tapered off over the next two days and right now I'm mostly just spotting brownish stuff when I wipe, but I'm really quite sore all the time in my lower belly, kind of achy dull pains and sometimes poking sensations all around my uterus, including the center. Nothing severely painful but really unnerving and overall not very pleasant. Has anyone had a bleeding SCH diagnosed so early in the 1st trimester? Are these pains normal for SCH from blood pooling in the uterus or something like that? I'm kind of afraid I'm gonna start bleeding again or somehow made my SCH bigger or worse.

07-01-17, 00:23
I'm sorry you are going through this. I wish I had some advice/wisdom other than maybe give the nurse or your doctor a ring to see if it is normal. Hope you are feeling better soon. :hugs: I imagine it would make sense to feel discomfort from what you have been going through.

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If it helps - a quick google showed me that it is actually better if you have this early in the first trimester, as later on can have worse prognosis.

26-03-17, 22:32
Hi love. Is this a new post or old xx

30-03-17, 03:10
Hi Sammie, I'm hanging on here at 17w6d. It's still pretty rough for me as I feel discomfort and pains every single day in my belly and I'm hardly even showing yet. I'm a first time mom and have no idea what pregnancy should feel like and what's normal and not normal.

In fact I was in the ER this past Saturday because I thought I was having constant contractions or tensions in my uterus. I was being treated for a UTI too and who knows how long I had that before being tested. The baby was fine on ultrasound but they didn't do a cervical check so of course now I fear I'll be diagnosed with incompetent cervix or preterm labor at my ob appointment tomorrow.

How are you faring?? How far along are you if you're expecting? :)

28-04-17, 20:14

I am currently about 7 weeks pregnant with my second child. I have an 11 year old son.
The discomfort and pains you are saying about I always had and do have a little on and off at the moment and have been told it is normal because your body is changing so much and your uterus is stretching.
I'm sure your cervix is fine, it's quite uncommon for it to be open in pregnancy from what I have heard and it would be easily fixed if anything was wrong xxx

15-06-17, 09:34
Congrats BumbleGirl :D May you have a happy and healthy pregnancy!!

Pregnancy has been a wild ride for me so far. I'm currently in hospital because I had a bit of a (painless) bleed at 28w4d eek. I'm now 28w6d and have received my two steroid bum shots in the off chance my son decides to come early. All the ultrasounds and tests ruled out the really bad stuff so hopefully I don't start bleeding bloody red again and baby stays cooking for as long as possible *fingers crossed*

And of course I've been having those contractions the entire time from 17w! I had finally accepted they were just gonna be a normal part of my pregnancy journey as they weren't causing cervical changes but I guess with the bleed, my doctor has worried about preterm labor and put me on medication to stop them. I still get those pesky ctx so not sure the meds are working tbh.

07-07-17, 13:32
Sorry you're having such a hard pregnancy!

I've had two children, neither were easy pregnancies. With my second child I bled on and off the whole way through, I was constantly having scans, tests and hospital stays. From about 20 weeks I was showing signs of preterm labour and then at 30 weeks the baby stopped growing as quickly as he should do so from then on I was scanned every week! Little man managed to stay put until 36 weeks. When I was in labour I had a full neonatal team in the room waiting to rush off what they said was going to be a 3lb baby but when my son arrived he was a healthy 6lb 1oz and perfectly healthy in every way, the doctors just laughed at all the worries he had caused, handed him to me and left us to it haha. He's now 2 and a half years old and absolutely thriving.

Try not to worry, babies are very good at making us panic and fear for the worst but as my son goes to show we never really know what they're doing until they're here with us.

Good luck and I wish you and your baby health and happiness x

25-08-17, 19:13
Hi everyone! Thank you for your kind words and replies! Wanted to update here. I had my baby on 8/17 by csection because he was small for gestational age (had growth scans every 2 weeks and he kept slipping in percentile) and my fluid was really low. Low fluid was the reason my ob decided I had to deliver him that very day. He came out healthy, just really small (5lb8oz at 37w6d). :)

I'll say that the delivery/csection was way easier for me than my actual pregnancy and I'm glad he's out so he can do better here than inside me.

25-08-17, 22:18
Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you! I'm 12 weeks right now, eek.

26-08-17, 01:47
Ah that's lovely news!!! 5lb 8oz is still a decent enough weight for him to be thriving. My son was born about 3wks early & was 6lb8oz.

23-09-17, 12:42
Hi, congratulations on becoming a future mommy. I suffered with terrible anxiety and panic attacks during my pregnancy most of my pregnancy with William, my son. I was even prescribed antidepressants and sleeping pills and he is 14 now and totally fine and perfect xxx