View Full Version : opinions wanted regarding new meds for chest pain, anxiety and costo

29-12-16, 16:47
hello everyone

panic attacks 2000-2002 over heart related HA

In 2012 (xmas) they came back due to HA over a gynae problem. Was ill mentally for roughly 2 years whch included a nervous breakdown and severe BPD. Was fine last year but since about March this year my panic attacks and heart related HA have come back. Im in CBT and my therapist has said I have very specific HA which has led to GAD as well. MY main symptom has always been horrendous variations of chest pain which I think has caused my heart related HA to come back. I only get panic attacks when I get chest pain although get anxious about all sorts of things in general.

IT was thought my mirena coil was making things worse. I had it removed in June 2016 and my anxiety and panic has lessened considerably since, from being every day to every day during ovulation and during my period to now just being mild around the time my period is due. I thought I had cracked it!

this summer the GP thought I was having a heart attack and sent me to A&E. I have had ECGS, chest xray and blood tests. All were fine. The hospital dr told me I had costochondritis and this is my chest pain which has been caused by long term anxiety. This diagnosis really helped me fell better.

Im currently having a real bad flare up of costo, the first one in ages. I also had my first panic attack last night in about 3 months because the pain was so severe and its made me terribly anxious. The GP today has confirmed costo just by listening to my heart with a stetchoscope and feeling along my breast bone.

I have pain in top of sternum, and to the left and right sides of my sternum going into my breasts. The area above my right breast is very very sore and I cannot bare to be touched there. I also have pain in my upper back, back of right shoulder and shooting pains in my left arm (mild). Last night I had severe chest spasms in my central chest area, so bad I could nt move. I was terrified I was having a heart attack.

Anyway today been prescribed amitriptyline.

10 mg at night as and when needed to relax my muscles and ease my pain, The GP said seeing as it was an anti d, it may kill 2 birds with one stone.

Im terrified of the side effects especially the ones that mention heart rhythm probems, QT? syndrome, it even said heart attack on the leaflet!

Does anyone else take this for pain or anxiety? Are the side effects bad? Does it help?

the hypochondriac in me wants to know if I had a heart attack last night (I know I have nt but this is the big FEAR thought in my head at the moment, would the dr be able to tell just through listening with a stethoscope?? I know its such a stoopid question but I am utterly fixated on this at the moment.

12-01-17, 09:13
I take Amitriptyline but for anxiety and depression. I am on 75mg and it has helped me lots. It really relaxes you at night time and I slept for 18 hours when I did my last increase but then my sleep went to a normal 8 hours. I had bad headaches too and some heightened anxiety but only for a week or so and now I have settled on that dose. It's an old medicine but in my opinion one of the easiest to tolerate and though I am not 100% yet, my anxiety is quite manageable now. I still need to wait another few weeks to see if it disappears altogether on a morning (I am ok during the day) and may have to higher the dose a little again.
I know many people who take it for pain. Another side effect is constipation so drink lots of orange juice or water. It makes me feel a bit drunk when I first taken it too and I stand up. But so far, I'm feeling like I am finally getting my life back.
Other people I know suffering with bad pain take Tremadol. I think that is pretty addictive though darl xxx