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11-04-07, 18:53
Just been prescribed Seroxat for the first time after taking Escitalopram for quite a while. I had no luck with that (it seemed to make me worse) but now I have been given Seroxat for Anxiety Disorder.
I have heard so many bad things about Seroxat that I'm really worried about taking it!! Is anyone else on it and does it help? I really need something to help with the anxiety!

11-04-07, 19:01
I've been taking seroxat for almost 4 months now for anxiety, after trying 5 other antidepressents and having horrendous side effects. The only side effects I got were in the first week slightly more aggitated and insomnia, but they soon went and I must say that I am so much better than I was this time 8 months ago. My advice is give them a go, but don't expect an over night cure, they do take 4 to 6 weeks to kick in.
Hope this helps:D

11-04-07, 19:07
Thankyou! I was bit worried because I've heard that some people have 'head shocks' when they begin taking them and the instruction leaflet scared me have to death! Also they have been on the tv quite a lot recently.:)

12-04-07, 17:11
There is a lot of negative press about seroxat-mainly because it used to be given to under 18s, and they thought it was responsible for a rise in suicide attempts. Don't read those instruction leaflets if you think they might scare you-I know sometimes you read those things, then you start to think you are experiencing the symptoms they describe.

I was on 50mg of seroxat for seven years, from the age of 14. It worked wonders for me, I had no side effects and no problems with withdrawal symptoms. Not everyone's so lucky with the withdrawal process-it has to be done slowly.

As Jane says, expect about 4 to 6 weeks for them to take effect.

19-04-09, 15:30
Hi BeachsideGirl,
Was really interested to see the responses you got from your thread as i am in the exact same position as you.
I was on 100mg Lustral (Sertraline) for approximately 4years and to be honest didn't really find it made much difference to my anxiety and panic. All it seemed to do was keep me on a more even keel and stop me from getting depressed.
After going downhill recently i decided it was time to take steps to improve things as my life has come to a stand still and have been prescribed Seroxat.
The doctor told me to stop the Lustral for 3days and then start straight onto the Seroxat (10mg) and go back after 4weeks for a review with the intention of upping the dose.
I am on day 4 of no drugs at all and really hesitant to start the Seroxat. Infact hesitant is probably an understatement, i'm terrified of feeling spaced out and no with it, not to mention the thought of my panic/anxiety getting worse!!!
I'd appreciate any advice or personal experiences from other members who have taken or are taking Seroxat and hopefully I'll muster the strength to take my first dose tonight.

22-04-09, 03:19
Really, all I can say is don't worry! Half the time the effects another person will experience does not mean you will get the same! Statistically speaking, Seroxat has been very useful equally for a lot of people, including myself with no real side-effects!

So, please don't worry. Just take the medication, give it a few weeks, see how you feel, then decide.

05-03-11, 04:12
HI, i have been taking roughly 40mg of Seroxat a day now for 12 years and quite honestly, they have saved my life. They don't eradicate my depression completely but they DO keep me balanced and enable me to function and cope even through really difficult circumstances ie death in my family, divorce, being a single parent for 10 years with no support network. severe debt etc Without them i dread to think where i would be now, if in fact i would be here at all.

I urge all of you doubting whether or not to take Seroxat to give it a try. Yes, for the first few weeks you will feel lousy but this passes completely in a matter of weeks. I also urge people not to think of taking anti depressants as some kind of failure. My doctor told me, after trying and failing to come off the anti depressants twice (neither time was a good time to come off) to think of them as something like blood pressure tablets - necessary to keep me well. after all, depression is caused by a chemical imbalance, and is absolutely NOT all in the mind.

I have come on here to read about experiences of taking Seroxat whilst pregnant (as i am now pregnant with twins), i have absolutely no qualms about taking Seroxat for the rest of my life if need be and after reading several pregnancy/seroxat accounts, i also feel pretty reassured about continuing to take Seroxat throughout my pregnancy. This is my third pregnancy and i feel quite excited about being able to enjoy my babies without the curse of post natal depression, as i had PND with my other two.

Good Luck to everyone and remember you always here about negative experiences and rarely about positive ones, its human nature I guess.