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fed up with it
11-04-07, 20:06
Hi last week i went to see a neurologist re. dizziness and a white spot on the mri scan. I was worried i had MS but after asking some questions about dizziness, whether i had difficulty swallowing ( i do get a feeling of fullness in the throat) which i forgot to mention. Do i get a loss of vision in one eye which i don't he also done a reflex test etc. All i think where normal. Although i did'nt want the test done where he throws you back so don't know about that? He said the spot was'nt on the part that controls balance when i asked him where it was, he said on the part that controls muscle weakness. I have been dianosed in 1999 with m.e but he did'nt really comment other than to say if it was m.s the spot would be bigger and more of them???. So had no real anwer as to why the spot was there also why i have dizziness aprt from possibly because of my anemia. But he did say there is no gaurantee over any ones future. But no reason for me to see him again! does this sound right. He did say white spots can be caused by age even though i am 34. advice appreciated. Don't have report as said in my original post a while ago.

12-04-07, 18:07
Increased signal intensities associated with aging typically have to do with slowly progressive vascular disease that not only affects the brain, but the vascular system in general. It is a common finding in the elderly and is only observed on certain MRI sequences designed to highlight the condition.

There is no part of the brain that "controls muscle weakness." Muscle strength is derived at the muscle tissue level and only conditions that cause muscle wasting which originate in neural tissues can affect muscular agility.

Multiple Sclerosis bears the name for a good reason and typically the numerous lesions of MS are quite characteristic, appearing like rice grains that are most often perpendicular to midline of the brain structure. It is more rare for a single signal intensity to be associated with MS.

The fullness you feel in your throat is more likely due to a phenomenon known as "globus" rather than anything to do with MS. The syndrome of MS actually affects the nerves associated with the larnyx, etc. and causes swallowing and speech problems.

Without the advantage of actually evaluating the MRI films or the radiologist's interpretation, I certainly cannot tell you what I believe it may be, but I think we've spoken before on this topic and again, MS would not be among my impressions. I think you're basing your own interpretations and concerns on a very narrow margin of medical information. There are hundreds of possibilities here, and I'm uncertain why you've become overly focused on MS. As neurologists, we see MS on a regular basis and the characteristic signs and symptoms provide us with a good indication even prior to diagnostic studies.

Reasons for your dizziness would be more appropriately elicited by considering conditions such as benign paroxysmal benign vertigo, meinere's disease, hypotension secondary to anemia, etc.

fed up with it
12-04-07, 20:40
Hi thanks for your reply, firstly the only condition i have been diagnosed with is M.E and anemia, i became worried about M.S because of my symptoms and this abnormal spot on the mri. But having read your reply you have settled my mind more than anyone i have spoken to or seen of late. So thankyou.
I have a hard time recently with doctors etc, as i was left aneamic for months as i was told my dizziness and faintness was anxiety, but after asking for a blood test they tested my iron etc it was discovered my iron and ferritin where very low, i am borderline on both hb/ferritin and take iron 3 times a day. You have explained thing well.:) :ohmy: Also having told me the white spot is in the area that controls "muscle weakness" is it no wonder i feel worried. When there is'nt such an area.