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12-01-17, 00:55
Hi guys,

I have an anxiety disorder and went through a brain MRI last year, which was ordered by a neurologist. I have pretty bad health anxiety and was super, super worried about having it done. I had read ALL kinds online about how horrible it would be, and had tried to prepare myself for a terrible experience.

What I found was that it was actually completely fine.

I wrote a blog post to try and help other people with the same fear. It's detailed (and also talked about the evolution of my health anxiety and how it affects me on the whole) and I've described the MRI bit by bit. Warning: it's long, but in it I talk about the noise, the headgear, the space, the bed you lie on, the amount of time it took, and anything else I worried about before I had it done.

If you feel it might help and would like to read it, it's here:http://wp.me/p5ELtX-1l

If it helps just one person I'll be pleased.

Sending good stuff.


19-02-17, 15:20
Thanks Lisa, I've just read your positive brain MRI experience and yes, it helped. I know what you mean about Googling stuff, no wonder I'm turning into a basket case! Plus a "friend" has told me it was so awful she only lasted 2mins before asking to be taken out! That was very comforting for me :shrug:

26-02-17, 13:27

Oh brilliant, I'm so glad it helped you :) I've since had an MRI on my small bowel and had to have a cannula in with it to inject dye, and I tell you what, that wasn't as bad as I read online, either! I was nowhere near as worried about the actual MRI as I would've been if I hadn't have gone through the brain one months before.

Anyway - so happy my post helped you. I promise you I was absolutely TERRIFIED and this was my honest opinion.

Hope your scan goes well :yesyes:

26-02-17, 15:38
Yes, it really did help. I didn't find it too claustrophobic as the tunnel was quite wide and bright. One of the scans I found really unpleasant and that's my honest opinion. Everything shook even the bed and I did feel weird and boy was it loud. Maybe stronger waves or something? Three minutes of something being unpleasant isn't too bad. After that it was ok.

Poor you having another MRI - hope everything goes ok. :)