View Full Version : Have one in two weeks, swallowing worry.

26-01-17, 23:26
I had one about 10 years ago, went fine, nothing to it. The only problem is, since then I have developed severe anxiety and a very bad swallowing problem. And I know that they ask you to swallow when they put the camera down. The thing is, if I try to swallow now, it takes about 5 seconds to do it, I can't swallow on command any more. I'm worried this is not going to go well.

12-02-17, 14:42
OK, so no one replied, so I will. Just had my Endoscpoy yesterday and the swallowing of the camera was easy as the guy just rams it in anyway, the whole thing lasted maybe 45 seconds max, he shoved it down, yanked it round and pulled it out, he was not gentle. I had this at a private hospital before with no throat spray and that was very gentle compared to this one, the throat spray did nothing apart from making it almost impossible to swallow for an hour afterwards, every time I tried to swallow my saliva I thought my throat was going to not open again, all in all the worse 30 secs of my life followed by the worse choking of my life. My advise, get sedated or go private.