View Full Version : Pain after colonoscopy

07-02-17, 16:18
So after my colonoscopy I had some bleeding from the removal of a polyp on my rectum (man that hurt). The bleeding has stopped but now I have pain and it feels like close to my anus when I have a vowel movement. It is raising my anxiety level. Anyone else experience this?

08-02-17, 16:01
Just noticed that I put vowel movement. Ha Ha. Bowel movement is what it is supposed to be.

08-02-17, 16:31
I think the pain can probably last for a few days after the procedure especially after a bowel movement.

09-02-17, 21:19
I always feel a little more pain than usual (I have Crohn's so always in pain) after my colonoscopies (I get one every year). It goes away after a few days.