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18-04-07, 13:11
Hey all!

I was prescribed some Diazepam to try and get me back to work this week. I have never used it before and my doctor only gave me 2mg tablets. I have tried cutting one in half first, then one tab and today two tabs to see if I could overcome my anxiety and NOTHING!!!:lac:

My body felt lovely and relaxed on the 4mg today but I walked to work and as I got closer the anxiety took over as usual. I've only really got to the end of this week to try and get back to work. Do you think I should try 6mg tomorrow or is this a hopeless cause.......feeling very sorry for myself I'm afraid, had high hopes of this medication helping me in the short term.:weep:

18-04-07, 13:26
What dosage have you been prescribed. Best stick to that I reckon.

18-04-07, 16:07
I've taken diazepam in the past-initially at 2mg then at 5mg. Unfortunately there's no pill that magically takes anxiety away completely. I found diazepam made me feel all woozy and sleepy and certainly helped me calm down, but all the same, the anxiety was still there under the surface. It was just that I felt that I couldn't be bothered to think about it for the present-I just wanted to crawl into bed.

18-04-07, 16:37
Hi all - Diazepam did the trick for me @ 5mg - I broke a 10mg tablet in half. Took it in the morning and didn't feel any aniety.

2 days later my doctor prescribed Chlordiazepoxide - 30mg at night, 10 mg in the morning. Its another Benzo, but (for me anyway) has no other side effects other than getting rid of the anxiety.

Only thing I am worried about is when its time to reduce (real soon). Even though I don't feel any side effects now, I'm sure coming off them won't be such a breeze.


18-04-07, 16:57
Hi 3, sorry to hear that the med isn't working. You haven't said if you have been on other benzos before or if this is your first time on a benzo. I ask this because I have taken about ten different benzos over the last ten years and all worked very well except for diazepam. A psychiatrist prescribed me 10mg of diazepam daily a few years ago because my agoraphobia was coming back. For some unknown reason it had no effect on my anxiety whatsoever, I might have well been swallowing tic-tacs. I couldn't understand it.

I am currently on Rivotril and find it an excellent sedative. I have also been on Tranxene and Lexotan and both were great. These three are long lasting sedatives and are much better than the short acting sedatives like Xanax. Of course all of them are highly addictive.

Anyway please go back to your doc and tell him/her that the Diazepam isn't working because having acute anxiety is bad enough without trying to hold down a job as well.

Best wishes


19-04-07, 16:31
Hi all!

Thanks for the replies and just to let you know, that I managed to get into work for a couple of hours after taking 5mg.......now all I have to do is go through it again and then again and then again......:lac: Not sure how I continue like this because I cannot keep taking Diazepam and despite feeling some relief that I managed to get into the office, I am dreading facing it all again.

Sorry but feeling really exhausted after the last few days of trying and failing. Today has not been the achievement that I thought it would....and I really hate the physical feeling you get when the Diazepam starts wearing off....

I am wallowing in self-pity, I know, sorry........:weep:

19-04-07, 20:04

I am on Diazepam as a way of tapering from temazepam. Benzo's are highly addictive and should only be taken under a doctors advice. I wouldn't mess about with the dosage, if they arent working go back to see the doc.

TC:shrug: :shades:

19-04-07, 21:00
DIAZAPAM does not wokk for everyone as you are know, However, go to see your g.p. again and i,m sure he/she will be able to give you something to help.I alwaays carry my rescue remedy with me ,have you tried this? D o keep going to work though as this will help in time .