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24-10-04, 18:33
We get quite a few posts about these medications so I thought I would post this topic that brings a lot of the previous posts together so you can read through them at your leisure and reply as necessary. You may find that someone has already answered the questions you may have about your medication. Simply click on each of the links to read the post.

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Citalopram is sold as Cipramil or Celexa

Escitalopram is sold as Lexapro or Cipralex

Technically, Escitalopram is a chemically 'cleaner' version of Citalopram. While Citalopram is a mixture of two molecules, identical except for being mirror images of each other, Escitalopram is only the molecule which displays the antidepressant action. As a result, Escitalopram may have slightly fewer side effects and may even be slightly more effective.

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