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19-02-17, 01:46
Has anyone ever had a polyp removed during their colonoscopy? Trying to find out just how common having a polyp is.

19-02-17, 04:22
Oh my, LOTS of people have polyps. Super common. I just had a fibrous polyp removed two weeks ago, and I was going to ask you a question. My doctor, Like yours said it is absolutely nothing to worry about numerous times. Should be the end of my worrying but my crazy anxiety won't let me relax until I get the official results from pathology. How do you not worry and how do you trust the doctors?

19-02-17, 08:03
polyps are very common. When I was in hospital yesterday there were 3 ladies on the same list who had colon polyps removed.
I have had them removed from my uterus 3 times now and all fine.

19-02-17, 14:05
Me, I have had tons

20-02-17, 00:52
Oh, Hopeful, I DO worry . All. The. Time. My doctor even used the word benign and I was fine until 2 days after the procedure and I started thinking about it and my mind goes places it shouldn't. I have been okay today because I talked to a nurse I know who works in a GE center and she said they are unbelievably common. She said they (polyps)are seen every single day in her department where they do colonoscopies all the time.

Thanks for your replies.

23-02-17, 16:44
So I got the call from my doctor and it is just like he said, nothing to worry about. What I have learned from this is that every single doctor that examined me was right. If I would just trust them I could save myself a lot of anxiety.

23-02-17, 23:54
I got my letter today confirming my polyp was benign and to remind me to have a repeat colonoscopy in 5 years. I must say it was a huge relief to get the confirmation.

27-02-17, 16:21
That's awesome! Wow, you got your results so fast! The waiting is the hardest part. Well now we can both relax and know that things are healthy.

27-02-17, 18:13
Great news xx