View Full Version : Sertraline and Daily Headache

22-04-07, 12:46

Ive been on sertraline for almost 3 weeks now. Had some awful side effects - feeling like I had morning sickness, headaches and a bad tummy.

Well, now I am just left with constant headaches. Is this normal? Will they settle down and stop?

I really do feel much better since taking sertraline, I have even started driving again (only small trips), which I hadnt done since October!!!

Thanks - Liz xx

19-07-10, 19:21
Hi I realise this is an old thread but thought it sums up how I feel without starting a new thread. Have been on 50mg sertraline for 3 weeks and every single day at around 6-6.30 I get chronic headaches that pain killers will not shift and I just want to rip my eyes out! It's always on one side although it does alternate sides! I take my meds at bedtime (circa 9pm), a couple of times I've forgotten to take my tablet in the evening and have taken it upon waking (circa 7am) and this makes them worse.
They are right in my eyes all the time!
Does anyone else get this and have you found a way to deal with it? Does it ware off?
It's getting very difficult to deal with now but the Meds are working exceptionally well on my depression and fairly well on my anxiety