View Full Version : starting olanzapine

06-03-17, 18:55
hi just seen my dr today and he wants me to go on olanzapine 2.5 mgs for bad anxiety i was on trazodone but was making me very groggy any one else on this for anxiety

06-03-17, 19:00
Let me know how it goes I want to try that!

06-03-17, 19:15
Hi Susie
I've been on Olanzapine for the last couple of years and have found it really good for anxiety.
Good luck with it. :)

07-03-17, 05:44
hi aprilmoon so glad you are doing fine on olanzapine,im always afraid to try new drugs can i ask what dose you have.i have bad anxiety poor sleep and cant go out alone do they have bad side effects:)

21-03-17, 10:57
I AM ON OLANZAPINE 5MG plus mirtazapine 15mg i just started 150mg of pregabalin if it dont throw side effects i will ditch OLAN and MIRT and go on 300 pregabalin:ohmy:

11-05-17, 18:02
i have been to the top of pregabalin 600m and just dodged serotonin syndrome, i have had it before so i no the symptoms.Olanzapine does what it says on the tin i would sooner trust that