View Full Version : should i ask for mri?

anx mum
09-03-17, 21:25
Ive been getting constant headaches for a year now. my specialist is saying I have cluster headaches or hemicranal. My mum had a stroke at 53 its been playing on my mind. Had a mri last year nothing looked abnormal. My anxiety is sky high should I ask for another mri?

09-03-17, 21:27
I doubt they will send you for one unnecessarily so if they don't think you need one then they won't give you one.

What advice have they given you for coping with them?

anx mum
09-03-17, 21:34
on treatment medication injections and oxygen going for a 3 day trial monday

09-03-17, 23:08
A 3 day trial of what?

anx mum
10-03-17, 19:57
Headache tests see if medicine helps by injection gnt test whatever that means

10-03-17, 21:09
Ok no idea what that is to be honest.