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14-03-17, 00:03
I have been taking 10mg of ami for headaches for a week and 4 days now but am getting some side affects that I'm worried about and I'm not sure if I should persist with them or not.
It started on Wednesday (a week after starting them) with tingling in my left hand, the next day I then had bad aching in my left arm and still had the tingling in my hand plus I had started to get pains in my chest. The chest pains have continued over the weekend and still have them today. My arm still aches although not as much as it did but is uncomfortable. My chest pains are sometimes in the middle of my chest and sometimes to the left side of my chest. I forgot to mention I have also had some breathing difficultys with this (mostly on the Thursday and Friday but still a bit today).

The ami has not yet helped with my headaches at all but I know it can take a while but i'm not sure if I should come of them with these side effects or to stick with them and see if they go, I'm a bit worried that they can course heart problems.

I have taken ami before a couple of years or so ago for sleeping problems for about a month and didn't have these side effects then so I wasn't worried about taking them this time until these side effects started.

Any thoughts?

14-03-17, 05:11
I'm a bit worried that they can course heart problems.

It is unlikely that you have, or will have heart problems because of the small dose of amitriptyline you're on, but if in doubt contact your doctor.

14-03-17, 14:47
I have been taking 10mg of these tablets. One at night for over a month. I have not had these sorts of pains. I have arthritis I thought maybe it would help the pain, but not as yet. they just make me feel better in my mood.
I think everyone is different as panic down und says, give your GP a ring for advice.

14-03-17, 21:33
I started taking amitriptyline a couple of weeks ago and stopped at the weekend as I was getting tingling and pains in my arm too. I could hardly lift my arm up. I also had a numb feeling in my face and mouth. I looked at the leaflet after and they are listed as side effects. These symptoms/side effects went a couple of days after I stopped taking them.

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I would ring 111 for advise if you are getting chest pains too as my husband said he read the leaflet and it says you should stop taking them and get advise if this happens.

14-03-17, 22:44
Thank you. I did phone 111 this afternoon and they sent out an ambulance who did an ecg which was normal other than a fast heart rate (was 119 at highest) they made me an app with my GP who recommended I stop the ami and has given my a paper to get some blood tests done.

14-03-17, 22:49
Yes I had to stop the ami too, some people are just not suited to it.