View Full Version : Alcoholic worries

17-03-17, 12:25
Please can anyone advise as I'm very scared. 15 years ago I used to drink a lot of alcohol and can't remember a lot besides having withdrawals a lot. I then started doing it sensibly 10 years ago up until 3 years ago when I stopped to look after my mum who became ill. I was doing fine for 2 years but in the last year I've been getting shooting pains up and down the left side of my head. Then started getting high heart rate and nystagmus which my doctor diagnosed me with trigeminal neuralgia. What I'm terrified this is, is wet brain. I'm constantly taking vitamins especially vitamin b but don't seem to be getting any better. My neurologist also has me on gabapentin. Finding it difficult to get everyday things done now without being in pain. Please can anyone advise.

17-03-17, 13:54
You can put "wet brain" out of your mind. That's good 'ol Dr. Google for ya!

You have a medical diagnosis and are getting treatment for it. Neuralgia in general is a painful condition. I have neuropathy in my feet due to cancer treatment and I take gabapentin also. It helps but I still have pain. I just deal with it as it's part of the "new normal". Prescription and OTC pain meds help.

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