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25-03-17, 11:27
Had an ecg at walkin today. Went through it with nurse and it said ecg normal and normal sinus rhythm. There were numbers at the top for PR, QRS and QT. Meant to write them down but forget, QRS was 88ms, only one I can remember. Rang walkin and they won't let me come and get a copy and they can't give out the numbers over the phone. They say I have to see my GP next week if want further details. I am now worried they are hiding something like a long QT. If the QT or PR had been outside the range would the ecg report have still said ecg normal? Is not helping my anxiety!

25-03-17, 12:07
hey if they thought it was qt they would not of sent you home

25-03-17, 14:11
If the ECG was sophisticated enough to have a QT number then I assume it would also have a warning if it exceeded certain limits. :)

29-03-17, 18:09
Just seen my ecg result and says normal variant ecg and minimal Left Precordial repolarisation? Can anyone interpret please?

Catherine S
29-03-17, 18:31
Didn't you ask your cardiologist or doctor to explain it?


29-03-17, 19:41
My GP just said nothing to worry about but my anxious mind now is!

Catherine S
29-03-17, 19:51
What is it that makes you so fearful that you can't trust the good results you got?


29-03-17, 20:24
Just like to know what something means?

29-03-17, 20:40
Best source would be your doctor. A simple phone call is all that's needed. Much easier than speculating and worrying over nothing. My understanding is that it has to do with the time it takes for blood to travel within the heart but I'm not a doctor. Bottom line is that you were told nothing is wrong.

Positive thoughts

29-03-17, 20:47
It means nothing. Precordial is simply the area of your body in front of the heart/chest area. Repolarization has different definitions in biology depending on what system you're talking about, but I would imagine in this case it's implying the resting potential. I wouldn't think about it anymore than you already have.

30-03-17, 13:03
Thanks for replies, GP did me another one today to reassure me and was normal. He went through the 6 I had had and one was abnormal at a&e saying left ventricular hypertrophy but had. Even signed off as normal after chest X-ray. He explained that Ecg's can be mega sensitive and if I had LVH it would have shown in subsequent ecg's as it doesn't just vanish! Hopefully I can move on now!

30-03-17, 14:39
Hi - Had ECG in November at A&E which came back as abnormal with Left Ventricular Hypertrophy. The doctor at A&E signed this off as normal after bloods and chest x-ray. Do I therefore have Left Ventricular Hypertrophy or was it a misreading by the machine and if the doctor thought I had LVH he would have sent me for more tests?

Catherine S
30-03-17, 14:53
How would we know though, unless there are any cardiologists lurking. Can you not call the surgery and ask for the doctor to call you and answer your questions? That would be the best thing to do.


30-03-17, 15:00
Not that easy to get appointment with my GP. I have had 4 ecg's since and they all came back as normal, so has the Left Ventricular Hypertrophy just gone or was it never really there!?

30-03-17, 15:11

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30-03-17, 17:20
He explained that Ecg's can be mega sensitive and if I had LVH it would have shown in subsequent ecg's as it doesn't just vanish!

Positive thoughts

30-03-17, 17:27
Trying the positive thoughts, so if was you would you be worrying?

Hard pill to swallow
22-04-17, 14:40
Hi there, i know it's easier said than done but i would try your best not to worry about it too much. I also have had several ECG's and i had one at A&E come back slightly abnormal but this was due to my fast heartrate and stress due to the amount of anxiety i was under at the time. After being sent home i made an appointment with my GP to ask why i was released with no follow up and he reassured me that had there been anything sinister going on then that would not have been the case and that all was absolutely fine. I know how awful the physical symptoms of anxiety are and can make you feel like something is seriously wrong but be reassured that your GP and the hospital would not lie to you to make you feel better and would not leave you without sufficient medical assistance if they believed that you're unwell.
I hope that this has helped a little :)