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12-04-17, 20:15
So as another resort to combat the insomnia I struggle with I was given 2mgs of Klonopin. By the sounds of it works wonders for some. Sadly in my case it just makes me sort of numb and slightly chillled. Took it for about a week and then thought I would be assed taking something that a) was not working for me , b) having to go through withdrawals for something not working for me.

So for now I will stick to the 150 mg Anafranil taken over a split dose. Plus the now 30 mgs mirtazipine. I have put on 12 kgs, over 10 percent of my body weight so something is not right. So I reckon its back down to 15 mgs mirt until I my brain adjusts, Who knows how long that will take. Also reckon will ask the Doctor to increase the Anafranil if possible to come of Mirt ccompletely. . I dont even know what to think anymore.

12-04-17, 22:45
I dont even know what to think anymore.

Your best option may be to be checked out by a doctor specialising in sleep disorders, preferably with an in-lab sleep study, if you can access one. You seem to be 'immune' to all the easy options.

12-04-17, 23:00
I did a sleep study about 2 months ago. Turns out I dont have apnea or anything else. Maybe I just heve to go through the insomnia phase until my body adjusts to natural sleeping again,. Means more coffee but it seems to be the only alternative.Thanks again for all your replies Ian.

13-04-17, 01:05
Means more coffee but it seems to be the only alternative.

More coffee for insomnia, Greg? :huh:

13-04-17, 11:29
Yeah alright maybe coffee is not a gŕeat idea