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13-04-17, 11:21
Finaly getting near coming off trazadone.been on it for nearly 5 years now and at one point was on 250mg..never helped my anxiety or depression...its taken me over a year to get to 40ml now and do feel a bit better in myself.i feel more in the real world and not foggy head when i wake as i did for many many months.my aim is to come off in the next two months then im coming off my 2.5mg olanzipine...im sick of taking medication for the rest of my life that is not working.im going to see how i feel in myself without any meds because im convinced underneth the meds is my old self,welk a big part of my old me and the meds have covered up who i am.so far im having better days again since lowering the traz.im only getting about 6 hrs sleep now days but dont wake up feeling like i need another 10 hrs and feel clear in my head..i still have my anxietys dont get me wrong,but not as bad as they have been.im suposed to be starting up mitazipine but im not even going to bother starting another drug..i want to be drug free and recover myself.

13-04-17, 19:24
Wow I can't believe you were on that much trazadone. I took 5mg to sleep and it put me on the moon. You can be drug free and be free of anxiety and depression, I do it. It takes work, I have good days and bad days, but I have more good days now. I'm like you, I would rather be myself then be drugged all the time. Good luck and keep posting!

13-04-17, 20:08
Cheers snow...yea was a huge dose so taken a long time to come down.couple of months oll be off trazadone then ill come off olanzipine slowly see what im like then..def feel better off coming down from traz.clear head waking and feeling awake,not druged up...im sure the mental health will still be there,but ill manage it.im convinced if you are on medication and its not working for that person,it actualy makes you feel worse,and you kind of get lost in life and forget what you felt like before the meds and end up with a new mental health isue.its only when you come off them,that you realize they were making you feel worse

14-04-17, 00:16
I think you're right, Greg. Sometimes they seem to make some worse or you don't feel quite right.

Perhaps a reset will help? It makes you wonder when people are moving from med to med.

At worst, you could try to stabilise yourself back on your meds. Given the Trazodone doesn't seem to be helping anyway, it might just mean the Olanzapine until you look for some other way?

What you do know is that you've made a lot of improvement regardless of the meds. You are no changes in those meds from previous when you were struggling. And you've successfully reduced them while keeping those improvements in place rather than slip.

I can remember how the reducing sleep upset you for a time but later you had adjusted to it.

14-04-17, 11:07
Cheers terry..yep your right mate..this was my disision not the hospital doctors.they wanted me to come off traz in a two week span...what were they thinking..iv done ot my way ,slowley and am getting there..im very keen to see how life is off traz and just on olanzipine 2.5mg..then cut that 2.5 in half and then again etc and come off that to see how i feel..would just be nice to be drug free and let my brain work on its own..so thats my goal.ill let you know how that all goes..thanks for your posts mate,you have followed my jurney for a long time now allways giving good advice..you should become a doctor mate,you would have a massive line of people that would want to be under your care

14-04-17, 12:18
I would just be happy to get rid of the damn anxiety mate. But thanks for your kind words, they always mean loads from you. I've always regarded you as one of the nicest blokes on here and I'm so glad things have moved on for you, especially getting your daughter back in your life.

I'm still around for the rest of the journey. I don't come on quite as much, or post as much now, but you know where I am if you ever need me mate.

14-04-17, 17:43
Cheers terry..only speeking the truth..you have always made time for as much advice as you can give on many peoples posts.so much so we can easy forget that you suffer your own isues.you just seem like a very strong guy to me allways offering suport but never realy asking for any back..thanks again terry.your a nice caring guy.

14-04-17, 17:45
So Terry, do you deal with your anxiety without medication? I have only been a member for a few months. I had a melt down and couldn't cope and tried Zoloft (sertraline) Ugg the side effects and the zombie feeling was enough to make me stay away from medication.

05-06-17, 01:53
Snowghost, sorry only just seen this. :doh: No, I was put on Cit after tje breakdown when it got really bad and then came off years later. When I relapsed I went onto Duloxetine, which was hell to get on and made me much worse for years afterwards.

Greg, cheers mate. I know where you are if I ever need you. With doing a lot of my talking before I joined here, it would have been going over old ground a lot so I've always chose to talk in someone elses thread who is having something similiar.