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13-04-17, 18:48
Hi all, i am worried as hell, torturing myself and depressing over my symptoms. A few a months ago i have noticed a significant weight loss (from 235-190) , thinking that it was a stomach problem i went for a endoscopy and blood work. The doctor has linked my weight loss to H Pylori. Time has passed and i noticed that my weight doesn't go back up . Now for more then a month i developped a pain in my lower left abdomen, sometimes it is really minimal and is felt as a discomfort. Lately i have developped a diarrhea with mucus , i often rush to the washroom after a meal ( for which i didnt eat much since i easily become full). My family has a history of gastric problems but luckily not cancer. I am affrqid of doctors ( psychological issue i believe) and i am mentally torturing myself over my symptoms , i am becoming more tired and deppressed. Everybody that listens to me does not takes me seriously since im only 26 ;ohhh youre too young for that dont be foolish ! .I just feel that something is not right and it mentally exhausts me i am losing my mind and being really depressed , Please help, thank you in advance :(

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I also forgot to mention that i have a history of bad eating habits and severe GERD/LPR, thanks

13-04-17, 21:59
I'm honestly feeling the same fears you have. I have had bloody stools, some blood when wiping, mucus discharge, constipation, and occasional diarrhea. I've also lost weight (208-167)... but I've been on a diet so it was intended.

You know what my doctor said it sounded like? Either IBS or Ulcerative Colitis. I feel like your symptoms fit those as well. But I would still recommend going to the doctors. I know it's hard, but it'll help put your fears to rest.

07-06-17, 14:37
I'm going through the same thing - I get a weird pattern of stools now, some diharrhea mostly first thing in the morning and then normal stools the rest of the day if I have another one. I've been having some pain in my upper left abdomen, almost like a tight or sore feeling? Some mucus but I'm not sure if that's new or not since I usually have not looked in the past. If it's there it's not a ton or very obvious. No blood or anything yet.

I'm getting really depressed because it's been going on a month now so it's not just a bug or something else that will go away on its own. :(

I'm going to see a GI doctor tomorrow and I have an abdominal/pelvic ultrasound scheduled for Friday morning.

Of course my mind is going to all sorts of terrible and fatal places - it sucks. :(

I'm 35 with no history of anything in my family. My dad has had a few benign polyps but he's 63. Of course it only takes that one "no history but it happened anyway to someone young!" story to make me flip out.

27-06-17, 03:30
I know! I don't have those exact symptoms but I have had stomach problems and I have had multiple tests. Saw the GI doctor today and he thinks I have disrepair but he wants to test me for H-pylori which he did I am so afraid! I don't know what to do if I have it will they need a biopsy I don't know how to feel

12-09-17, 18:12
H.pylori is treated with antibiotics. They won't need a biopsy if positive. They test for it by taking bloods. I had it done recently

14-09-17, 11:03
I have been here and had the exact same symptoms, weight loss, worry, rushing to the bathroom about 3-4 times a day, eventually the Dr referred me for a colonoscopy & it was all normal I had post infectious IBS - apparently i could have picked a bug up and it has messed my bowel movements up for quite a long time.

I am in my late thirties - bowel cancer is very unlikely at your/our age