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17-04-17, 06:34
Your True Value

When you’re stressed and low, the clouds are filled with rain,
The sun fails to shine and in my heart I cry with your pain,
The roses fail to bloom for sunshine has left them to ruin,
And the birds in the trees fall silent with no song or tune,
The world becomes a darker place with no stars in space,
For they can see their angel has lost her smile on her face,
For you are a precious gem that should be forever cherished,
To fill the world with happiness as you are so dearly treasured.

Nature and Thee

Gazing into a moonlit pool reflecting the stars that sparkle above,
Listening to the dawn chorus of singing birds of larks and doves,
Watching the glowing sun slowly rise in a warm red haze,
As the lands all around greets the heat of it’s widening rays,
The roses in bud open their petals to reveal their beauty within,
With their soft satin petals and the sweet perfume they bring,
To the bees that surround, attracted to the finest in nature,
Caressing and smoothing the nectar provided for their leisure,
The day has dawned and the world is full of life's pure beauties,
But of all natures wonders, there is nothing compares with thee.

The Jogger And Me

Walking in empty time and space, I gazed upon a shadowy image bobbing up and down at a rapid pace. Her hair bounced from side to side as her breath grew louder with every fall and rise. Golden hair gleamed under the moonlight rays as her eyes sparkled with fairy moon dust before the glowing sunrise. Her lips apart as she gasped for air, her breathing panting with nothing to spare.
If I had spoken, she would not have seen me as she glided past with graceful imagery, for I travel through the dimensions unnoticed with an invisibility, cloaked as a phantom in mysterious mystery. Under the sunlight glare, I merge with the air without a care whilst under the stars above, I merge with the night before everyone's sight.
Hidden in the fantasy of an angels comforting wings, taking flight on a bird before the dawn chorus sings. Found under a stone, a boulder or camouflaged by grains of sand, I am the so-called loved but invisible man.
Gazing over my shoulder for one last glimpse of a princess so rare, she continued to bound along with her pony tailed hair before sprouting her wings to reveal her true beauty as she glided back to the stars above leaving only slim hope of ever sharing the wonder of her love, living in my cold world where I can but dream of caring angels that with her fly above. For I am the phantom hidden in grief and despair with only the comfort of a tear I daily lay bare, that glistens in the cool night air, before sliding to the ground as the raindrops begin to fall, as I remember her silent call, as she ran past so quickly and gracefully, oblivious of the eternally alone invisible me.

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Just one more short piece...

The lady under the full moon

Standing under the brightness of the full moons glare, I glimpsed the shimmer of white wings fluttering on the night air. As the vision grew nearer, the frame grew clearer wearing sparkling lace in an outstretched comforting embrace. The stars all around gleamed in the reflection of its heavenly eyes as I gazed upon it's beauty despite the surrounding darkness of disguise. As a tear ran down my cheek, I heard words spoken, soft and sweet, before with a brush of her soft cape, I glimpsed her face before she made her escape, once more into the darkness of that night, when I saw her beautiful image before my sight, when she disappeared forever, all too soon, within the glare of that once in a lifetime, glorious full moon.

17-04-17, 10:26
Thank You Bill.:hugs:just beautiful.xxxx.

22-04-17, 03:43
Thank you. xxx I hope you like these too...

The Woman Of My Dreams

I have dreamt for so many years,
Shed so many desperate lonely tears,
Longed for a caring angel to comfort me,
A womanI can trust and love eternally,

I have lived in my fantasies but never believing,
That a woman would want to help keep me living,
My head has lived under a dark cloud of solitude,
Yearning to be loved by a rare woman of so few,

Then from the depths of despair appears a lady so rare,
An angel flown in with love wanting to give comfort and care,
A lady of beauty far beyond my craving imagination,
A woman with words of so much love and compassion,

If now I lost her, if now I threw everything away,
Never for all my life could I forgive myself in any way,
For to have found the most precious diamond alive,
With the most beautiful crystalline eyes,
She would be irreplaceable under any guise,

For she is a lady I am growing to love so dear,
A precious lady who is healing my inside tears,
My love, who I treasure beyond any wonder on Earth,
For her value to me is immeasurable beyond worth,

If I lost her love, this wonderful woman I adore,
Never would the sun shine for me once more,
For I would have lost the woman of my dreams,
The most loveliest woman there has ever been.

The Woman I Adore

My love, the woman I adore,
No man could ever wish or ask for more,
Your exquisite beauty abounds,
Your caring nature astounds,
In everything you do, in everything others see,
They stand in awe of your many loving qualities,
To wrap you in my arms,
To forever keep you safe from harms,
This most treasured lady with her gentle touch,
This special woman I love so very much,
I miss you every day with words I love hearing you say,
I miss your calming voice that keeps the hounds at bay,
To stand before you, to show how you intoxicate me,
With my eyes set in a gaze of admiration for such beauty,
To hold you close, to caress your soft satin skin,
To feel your glow of heat building from within,
You are always in my thoughts by day, in my dreamsat night,
My most precious diamond that sets my soul forever alight,
Eternally wishing to hold your enchanting image before my sight,
So that I may dream of you, “my lady” of such wondrous delights.

My Love For You

If I could write a note with my feelings for you,
To be placed inside a bottle to drift on seas so blue,
The currents would carry it to far distant shores,
Where such love has not been read in times before,

Where palm trees cover the lands,
Gazing down on long golden sands,
Where mountain peaks to the sky will seek,
Bathed in blue beyond yonder fields of wheat,

Where tractors plough the barren grounds,
In the silence of the countryside surrounds,
Where birds flock to feed upon tossed seed,
To fly to their nests for their chicks in need,

So as I gaze up as the birds that fly so high,
I think of my bottle floating on oceans wide,
That will encircle the world with my words inside,
Expressing my love for you beyond this planets size.

My Wondrous Lady Of The Elite

You are my beautiful rose with the sweetest perfume, lips as soft as the velvety petals open in full bloom. Eyes that sparkle as diamonds in the sky, your warmth surrounds me wherever I lie. To gaze upon your eyes of jewels, to kiss your lips so sweet, would be to feel the caress of a field of flowing wheat that glows with the comfort I seek staying close to ”my wondrous lady” of the elite. For I adore her as a rose attracts a honey bee, the most special bloom I will love eternally.

Pristine pools of crystalline jewels, sparkling diamonds exquisitely pure, are your enticing eyes of wondrous allure that attract and magnetise me to your beautiful face I adore.

Your smile with glistening lips I imagine to kiss, to hold them pressed to mine so every day would be full of golden sunshine, close to this beautiful woman I will love and adore eternally for all time.

Whether first light of day or last thing at night, I will always see beauty before my sight because I will always love and care about you with all my might.

Whether a day be cloudy or bright, you always make every day feel light,
Whether awake or asleep, in my mind my thoughts are of holding you tight,
You are my sunshine that greets me in the mornings, the sparkling stars of night,
You are my dear and special love that in my minds eye is always in my sight,
In the dewdrops glistening on roses, I see your reflection setting the blooms alight,
As the birds sing all around me, I hear my happiness inside released in flight,
For you are the beautiful sunrise that comforts me, the glowing sunset that warms me,
You are with me every second of the day surrounded by my loving thoughts that wish to say,
How very much I love you, and for all eternity hoping and praying with me you'll always stay,
For with you I have found all I've been searching for, pure perfection within you in every way,
And with all my heart the words I feel are "I adore you", forever, and for all eternity every day.

The most beautiful things in life are free but when freely given their value becomes priceless.

Raindrops on a cobweb reflect a gardens beauty but teardrops on your cheek reflect your worldly caring for me.

Love is a four letter word without which there would be no five letter world.

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Just a couple more...one is slightly "sensuous" but I hope it's ok.

At One With Nature

My love, to gaze upon your beautiful image is to watch the warm sun rising in the morning as you fill me with it’s heat of passion feeling the rush of a waterfall cascading down a mountain side to a green valley of pastures new where I lay bare as the loving sensations you send flow over me making me feel warm and loved inside where only within me my deep love for you resides.
Held close to me in every bird that sings, hearing your soft sensual voice blowing on the gentle wind, feeling your fingertips gliding upon my naked skin, immersed in heavenly bliss close to my love floating in your gentle kisses of soft clouds billowing above.
The blue sky reflecting the deep oceans of sea, intoxicated by your gentle sighs of breath around me sending shivering sensations encompassing me. Encircled by trees, their branches outstretched with soft green leaves, wrapped in your loving arms, your soft warm breasts pressed upon me.
Watching the birds high above, gliding with their wings open wide, feeling your body all around me, your legs pressed by my sides, guiding me to your aroused passionate warmth inside. The grass flowing on the breeze, feeling your body glide upon me with ease with butterflies fluttering their wings to tease as your gentle kisses tantalise me.
Surrounded by nature in an enchanted land of pleasure you allow me to explore, filling my heart and soul with love for you to my core, holding my love, my most beautiful woman I absolutely and totally but graciously adore, your beauty moves me to tears but my love for you is so sincere for I could not love you more, my wonderful lady, for so long I could only dream of before.

The Jewellers Shop

Standing alone outside a jewellers shop, gazing through the misted window, I gaze upon the many gems that sparkle in the summers sunlight. The deep reds of roses in bloom, the fields of green emeralds of pastures seen and the clear diamonds of twinkling stars in the moonlit sky but of all before me that gleams with delight are the glittering jewels that remind me of your mesmerising loving eyes. They transfix me to stare in the reflecting suns glare, never wishing to move, wanting only to stay to gaze at perfection so true of the finest few.
Gazing into their sparkle, your image becomes clear. The most beautiful warm face that outshines all that surround on view. As the shop door opens I hear the sound of gentle music reminding me of your voice that sings on the breeze among the tall trees and their fluttering green leaves. A rustle of paper caught by the wind floats gently on the table with the softness of your silken skin. As I turn away accepting they are just memories in my mind, I feel the suns warmth on my face filling me with thoughts of your warm caring ways that keep me going every day hoping one day I’ll be able to walk in to hold this most precious of jewels to forever stay, for eternity to drive sadness away by uttering just three words...”I love you”...for eternally with all my heart that’s all I would wish to say.

Eyes are the windows to the soul, hands are the doors to the heart, lips are the key to the home of true love.

22-04-17, 15:16
Hiya Bill!. Didn't know you were still on here Poppet!. :emot-wave: I hope you're well.


Hard pill to swallow
22-04-17, 16:30
Thanks for sharing Bill :) Lovely :) x

23-04-17, 04:15
Thank you HPTS (you sound much nicer than your pseudonym. You should have called yourself princess:)) :hugs: I'm glad you liked them. x

Hello lovely Lisa:hugs: I received a pm back in mid-feb, took a look at the forum, tested the water and then thought I'd come back to see if I could be of any help. It's lovely to "see" an old...well, still a young face, still here after all these years.

This is for Both of you. Hope it gives you a smile:hugs:...

Incredibly kind and caring in all your wonderful ways,
The most sweetest you could wish to meet every day,
Loving and gentle with voices that soothe the soul,
Unceasingly sparkling you lift others wherever you go,
So rare that everyone admires from afar and near,
Exquisite and divine, diamond jewels so very dear,
Everlasting beauties with the sweetest of perfumes,
Eternally the most pristine and finest of all blooms.