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11-05-17, 00:08

I have been having heartburn on and off for over a week now (34yr old). 3 months ago, after a office trip, and had heartburn, stomach issues for 2 weeks. They did an abdominal ultrasound, blood test and also a colonoscopy since i was having lower abdominal pain, Luckily everything was fine and they diagnosed me with gastritis and put me on omeperazole. After 2 weeks I was back to normal. 2 weeks ago, I was on a vacation and over indulged and the heartburn and stomach burn started again a week ago and the omeperazole is not doing anything to help (last time it took 2 weeks to get better). I am freaking out that something is really wrong with me and have an endoscopy scheduled in 2 days. Has anyone had anything like this? I have never had heartburn or stomach issue ever in my life until now. My anxiety is also really bad which was never the case before this. Appreciate any insight you can give.

thank you

19-08-17, 22:35
I did suffer heartburn symptoms about 10 years ago and it took 3years to get a GP to take me seriously (actually, I think I ended up seeing an emergency doctor one weekend who sent me straight to hospital). I used to roll around in pain and only a great number of antacids would stop each attack of pain. It even had me up in the middle of the night. They did an endoscopy and found I had gastritis although they gave me 8weeks of Lansoprazole in order to put an end to the ulcers in my stomach. Did you only have 2 weeks worth of the Omeprazole? Maybe it just wasn't a long enough course to sort the problem?

It's good that they are doing an endoscopy anyway, at least it will give you piece of mind.