View Full Version : Really scared to get this done, HELP!

19-05-17, 16:25
So I'm due to have a endoscopy next Friday and I'm so scared
I'm 22 from London and am having it done at a normal every day hospital
I have read loads of reviews on here and they have made me Evan more scared if I'm honest
I have really bad anxiety and haven't been to the dentist for a long time as I just can't have things in my mouth without feeling sick or having a panick attack :(
I still can't make up my mind by reading the reviews wether to have it done with just the mouth spray or get sedation please help me and tell me ur experiences that you have had ? Maybe it can just ease my mind and help me make the decision
So many say with the sedation they just wake up and don't remember nothing but a few have said it doesn't work and it makes it Evan worse
I really don't think I'll be able to do it without sedation with my anxiety etc
I've been taking emeprazole for 6 years now and want to get to the bottom of my problem so I have to do it please help thanks

19-05-17, 16:36
I have never had it done, but may be soon. With your fears, it may be best to get the sedation. Then you won't have to worry about it.

14-08-17, 23:08
Hi Dannyboy I suffer from anxiety /panic. Ive had 2 endoscopes done. Like you I was terrified. But I can honestly assure you it's nothing to worry about. You will be offered sedation this helps you stay calm. I didn't even remember having it done. In fact it was the most relaxed I've been in years. Please don't worry. You really will be fine

19-08-17, 22:46
I have recently had my 3rd endoscopy done (with sedation as I was having a colonoscopy done at the same time and had to be sedated for that but the sedation didn't work for me and boy did they know it when it came to the colonoscopy lol!) but the first two I had done with just the throat spray. It is daunting and even though I have just had my third, I think I was as anxious about it as the first one I had done.

As difficult as it might seem to do, relaxing helps and it is only the first 5-10secs that are truly uncomfortable as they pass the endoscope past the back of your throat - the muscles carry it down to the stomach but you don't feel it. You don't feel it in your mouth either as they put a circular mouth piece between your teeth (to stop you biting down on the endoscope I think) and it literally holds your mouth open! You just need to concentrate on keeping your breathing focused (not because it is difficult to breathe, as it isn't) but the thought of the procedure before they get started can make you anxious and panicky. The nurses are usually really nice and helpful too - mine kept talking to me throughout, helping to keep me calm. Would I refuse to have it done again? No. I wouldn't relish it but I wouldn't have any fear of it either. You will be absolutely fine. It is often the unknown which makes things look worse. Good luck!