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05-05-07, 17:21
Hi everyone, i have had my MRI of the brain and neck today. What an ordeal, i didn't like it at all, had panic before, during and after!!! It reminded me so much of when all my problems started, the operation that caused me to have PTSD!
Awful, horrible, terrible, but at least it is all over now.
I went back to my mums to pick up the kids and had a cup of tea and a butty, then it got worse, if that was possible, oh yes it was.
Then the ectopics started, for goodness sake, why do we have to go through such horrible things in our lives. Why can't we be left alone and peaceful.
I am putting the ectopics, and they were big and hard and almost painful, you know the ones that you get right in the centre of your chest and WHAM take your breath away, down to all the panic that i went through today. I have been through enough and i have had enough.
To be honest i would prefer to have the panic and that's that, rather than the ectopics, these scare me more i think.
My heart was doing 130 before, during and after the scan, suppose that's not much really considering i was in a state, lol. And then now i have to suffer the ectopics too, oh great!! I thought i was doing so well, the past two days i have not had any ectopics at all, been of work all week so i put it down to that and because i have probably had more sleep than i would if i was working, lol. And now today, after such a bad experience anyway, i get them full wack.
I have got to wait now for 4-6 weeks to get any results and my scans may be sent to south africa to be reported on. They said the neurologist will send for me for my results, another stressful day of a pulse at 130 then, lol.
I thought i would just let you know how it was going and also to get some more reassurance, if possible, on these flamming ectopics, thankyou.
Pink princess, if you read this, i would just like to say a big thankyou for your pm of support, it was the first thing i was greated with when i logged onto the site. It was wonderful to find your message waiting for me and as soon as i woke up this morning i kept telling myself that i knew that you were thinking of me and sending me your support for the day, it was much appreciated, and i will hopefully speak to you later on chat. Thankyou all again and sorry for the long post.x

05-05-07, 17:51
Hi Ang,

I'm so glad that you have it behind you now. I, too, hate getting MRIs, and I know the anxiety they can bring on. You should be really proud of yourself having made it through it. Some people can not do it, you did! Well done.

As for the ectopics, I'm not surprised you're having them after what you went through. I know they're horrible and scary, and it's hard to tell your body they aren't serious. You know you'll be all right, though. Just try to do every thing you can to relax and have some comfort today. Sip some herbal tea, have some soup, play a relaxation CD, take a slow walk, watch a silly/happy DVD, just anything to take your mind off it and let your body relax.

Take care!


Pink Princess
05-05-07, 18:36

hey, well done for going, i know it was hard but you fought it and you went and you got through it! well done i am very very proud!!!! xxxxx :flowers:

today and maybe tomorrow will be hard for you to get back on track after your scare today but remember how well you done before and how better things were! they can and will get back to that again just keep fighting them ok? xxxxx you have done amazingly well and i am soooooooo proud!

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

hopefully chat soon, you take it easy and rest lots xxxxxx

Love Minnie xxxxxxxxxxx


05-05-07, 18:39
I admire you so much Angiebaby.......for going through with something I'd be absolutely terrified of.

WELL DONE!!:flowers::flowers::flowers:

Hope the wait for results won't be too hard for you :)


05-05-07, 23:47
i was thinking of you. i am glad it went well.