View Full Version : MRI Scan and non-urgent follow-up appointment

30-05-17, 18:07
I had an MRI on my shoulder last week to check for a SLAP and rotator cuff tear. I phoned my GP today to see if the results were and and I had to make an appointment for a follow-up, but it was classed as non-urgent. But the receptionist wouldn't tell me anything else about the results. What is a non-urgent follow-up? What does that even mean? Surely if the MRI didn't find anything, they would have told me over the phone? The soonest appointment I could make was for 2.5 weeks from now. I really just want to know what's going on with my shoulder and if I will need surgery... Does anyone know if non-urgent follow-ups are routine and happen after every MRI? Or if there isn't an issue the GP just makes a phone appointment? Thanks