View Full Version : Cough starting just before endoscopy

01-06-17, 18:53
Yesterday, I started developing a sore throat. This morning, I had a scheduled appointment with the GI specialist about acid reflux.

At the end of the appointment, they scheduled an endoscopy for me tomorrow morning. Due to the sore throat, I'm now getting a cough.

I want to get this endoscopy over with, but I'm worried about the cough causing issues. I've already called off of work for it and made plans with those who will be with me and those who will be watching my toddler.

I did just call the office and they said that it's fine that I have a cough and sore throat, but a fever would be an issue.

I guess I'm still nervous that the cough will make me choke during the procedure or something else.

03-06-17, 04:14
In case anyone reads this in the future, the endoscopy was fine. I informed them of the drainage ahead of time, just in case.