View Full Version : Can years of severe anxiety create nerve pain?

mary jane
02-06-17, 19:31

just wanted to ask someone else, is it possible for years of stress, anxiety, depression to change the central nervous system to make it sensitive to pain and thus even create nerve pain?

I had an episode in 2013, a tiny infection in a tiny cyst created excruciating nerve pain, it then got worse with paresthesia, electric shocks, stabbing, I couldn't even walk.
Once I took amitriptyline and lyrica it went away..I was able to go off them and had 1 year and 4 months with 0 pain..it returned 2 months ago after severe stress.... I used to think I have nerve damage but now since I had a LONG time with no symptoms it can't be damage, right ?
I don't have a neuro to ask and my GP thinks I'm an alien but my symptoms are real :(

Catherine S
02-06-17, 22:35
When you say nerve pain, this isn't the same as your 'nervous system' creating anxiety symptoms, because that's mostly down to adrenaline and the parasympathetic or sympathetic system that gives out the shock waves of anxiety. Nerve damage is a completely different thing. For example, you can have a trapped nerve that can be really painful, but it's a physical thing rather than an emotional or stress related thing. Your nervous system isn't the same as your 'physical' nerves, if that makes any sense.


26-06-19, 12:31
Hi I have a condition called vulvodynia and that can be pain caused by nerves ends firing of when they shouldn’t be