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05-06-17, 14:45
Ugh!!!!!! Just as I thought I was overcoming my ALS fears my hand started twitching last night for a few minutes after it fell asleep. It went away but then I read if you can induce twitching by hitting the muscle that is an ominous sign. Well today I hit my hand and the muscle twitched :( now I am all consumed by this ALS fear :( help me!!!

05-06-17, 15:00
Read this... (http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/showthread.php?t=196071)

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05-06-17, 15:10
I have but everything I've read said that if you can induce twitching by hitting the muscle that is a bad sign....

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It only happened once after I was using my hand to carry a heavy object. Then I hit my hand and induced twitching. I haven't been able to recreate it. Still freaking out. I also still can make my lip quiver in certain positions :(

05-06-17, 15:14
Queen, ive had this same dreaded fear for 8 months now. Started with a spasm in my right arm that never went away....then the twitches....then the stiffness....and just lately my right thumb started to go back and forth. A week later it was my ring finger. They both lasted 1-2 days. Just recently its been spasms/cramps in my legs.

I could be wrong, but I think twitches are localized....whereas if the whole finger moves, its not a twitch....its myokymia. Ive read a few doctors say that, even the RLR guy who used to post on here.

05-06-17, 15:19
I think myokymia is just eyelid twitching. I'm just so worried because I've never suffered from this twitching before and it is scaring me.

05-06-17, 15:20
"Everything I've read"...

There's a difference between reading and comprehending :lac:


On the site where that post came from, there's a entire thread dedicated to what frankly is HA about ALS! The posts are literally no different than posts here and I've identified several members posting on the ALS site! The same thing happened when I was on the cancer forums :mad: Forgive me but I just find it so terribly offensive and selfish.

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05-06-17, 15:28
I've never posted on the ALS site. I would not do that.

05-06-17, 15:37
myokymia isn't just in the eyes. It is often in the eyes but can also be in other parts...usually fingers.

Oh yes, reading. Queen, ive read sooooo many articles on this awful thing and its exactly what makes it all worse for me. For instance, I'll make something up: You can read an article on someone who woke up with a stomach ache and ended up having cancer.......now suddenly we all think "cancer" when we get a stomach ache. This is what happens.

This is an anxiety forum, so things like "I read an article that said..." is part of what puts people in fear. So all I'm gonna say is, ive read stuff that makes me scratch my head and puts fear into me. The end result? Don't google. Its hard, but we gotta try not to.

I do know that everyone twitches here and there, some more than others. I do know that all sorts of symptoms can be causes by all sorts of issues. Fibromyalgia suffers get twitches, as do MS sufferers....as do Restless Legs sufferers.

05-06-17, 17:14
"Everything I've read"

Aka a bunch of random crap from anonymous people on the internet? Can you point me to any neurological study released that has confirmed this?

05-06-17, 19:05
Your best bet is to not use Dr. Google or Dr. WebMD to diagnose yourself. DO yourself a favor and see a true medical professional who can properly diagnose you.

As for twitches and such, I get them quite often. It started up when I started to take antidepressants such as Prozac. I've been told this is relatively common, albeit a bit unnerving. They aren't visible shakes or twitches, but I will feel it randomly in my legs or even fingers.

I've seen a doctor about it in the past, too. I was cleared and my doctor stated two popular causes may be dehydration and/or inadequate Magnesium in my body (a mineral a lot of people are short on). For the latter, you can get Magnesium supplements that are relatively cheap overall. An added benefit to Magnesium is that is helps many people with anxiety, which is why the "Calm" powder on Amazon is quite popular.

06-06-17, 04:57
Twitching means you are alive. Everyone twitches some more than others. When you twitch with ALS it's because your motor nerve is dying . The nerves that let your brain make your muscles move. If this were your case the muscle that is twitching would be very difficult or impossible to move. Not stiff or achy but like holy shit why can't I hold this cup or turn my door knob. BFS sucks ass but it's so much better than other things. Do yourself a favor start working out if you aren't already and don't let twitches ruin your day because twitches are benign. I understand that some horror stories tell you differently but scientific evidence proves otherwise. BFS is common for those with anxiety disorders it's like a worn out nervous system . Exercise and eat right and try not to stress on twitching i twitch every damn day and so do hundreds of thousands of people.