View Full Version : Nerve damage because of blood draw?

06-06-17, 07:42
Last week I went for a routine blood draw. The tech used a butterfly needle. She didn't get the vein right away so dug around a little, then when she did finally get it, it immediately burned and itched badly. I told the tech and she said it was probably from the alcohol. She took four viles of blood so it was several minutes and it burned and itched the entire time. Ever since my entire arm from shoulder to hand feels thick, like it is asleep but w/out the tingling, sore, the entire arm feels burning in the inside (but to the touch feels normal), and the are where the blood draw was is sharp and hurts. There is no visible swelling or redness. No lump or anything that I can find. I put a call into my doctor and he said it probably isn't anything to worry about and it should go away in a week or so. However, reading about CRPS/RDS after blood draw is really scaring me so I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this and what the outcome was? Thanks :)

06-06-17, 14:31
Yes and it went away by itself

06-06-17, 19:37
Thank you. Did you have the entire arm burning, too?