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09-06-17, 01:05
Need to go back up on my dose to help me try a new drug.
I'm afraid increasing my dose won't work this time.
I've been on and off it for a few years.
Please help, my anxiety is really awful right now.

09-06-17, 02:36
Hi Mugs. I feel for you. I know what it is like to have severe anxiety. When mine is at its worst, I am anxious about even taking any medication. I take 2mg a day and have done since December. Before that I was on 8mg of diazepam a day. Try increasing the dose and see if it works, if it doesn't, you can always speak to your gp again. There is no point suffering and having no quality of life because you don't want to take medication. If you need it to get through this rough time, then so be it. Once you start and the clomipramine kicks in, you may be able to reduce it. Take care of yourself. Anxiety sucks, especially when it is severe. Maybe after increasing the dose you will notice a decrease in anxiety. It is worth a try. Take care. Tracy

09-06-17, 02:44
That's why I don't agree with medication, once the band aid isn't working it's time to get something stronger. Do you see a therapist in addition to medication? Be careful with Diazapam, it's very addictive and long term use will also create issues with withdrawals. There is a lot of information on the internet on how to beat anxiety without medication. I should know, I do it every day.

09-06-17, 03:25
I think it is an individual choice as to if you choose to take medication or not. You may be able to deal with it, others may not. I'm sure if therapy could work for everyone then there would be no need for medication...obviously a lot of people need something more. I have had this illness for over 20 years and have a family history of it. I have been hospitalised and have had ECT. At the end of the day, I can't function without medication, with medication, I am able to hold down a full time job and look after my children. If I am on medication for the rest of my life than so be it. I would rather take it and function, than not take it and not. Taking medication hasn't totally solved the problem, but it has given me the chance to be able to work on my anxiety and depression. We are all individuals and all suffer differently and are all able to make our own decisions. What works for you may not work for others and vice versa.

16-06-17, 05:20
I agree with Mermaid. I have been in CBT for over 2 years, I could probaly teach it by now. I know and understand all the concepts but it does not touch my anxiety. I will be on medication for many years if not forever. I do not function without it, believe me I tried and had to be off work for 2 years while trying to fight medications.
I am 61 years old and don't want to waste anymore of my life.

16-06-17, 14:18
Have you taken it consistently, or just when starting a new med? If the latter, you should be okay even if they have to increase the dose.

I agree with mermaid...I fought anxiety/depression for a long time and it just got worse and worse. I do so much better on my medication.

24-06-17, 07:14
Hi Poppy, thank you.
I have taken it when starting a new med. As soon as I go down on my dose of clonazapam the anxiety comes back so on to another med and round and round we go.
I managed to be off of it for over a year but my anxiety was not well controlled, I had a pdoc who not would let me continue to take it.
I have a new pdoc now who says he doesn't like to prescribe benzos but feels the need to be compassionate when necessary. He has patients who have been on benzos for years and have not become tolerant.
I am only taking .5mg at bedtime right now, I hope I can come off it in the near future but I am DONE suffering.
Thank you Poppy.

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Hi again
My pdoc also said he would help me come off very slowly if necessary:)

24-06-17, 14:23
I think it's absolutely essential to take on board that all benzos when taken on a regular basis over an extended period of time will cause dependency. When you have severe unrelenting anxiety which affects all aspects of your life benzos can give you back your sense of "normality" for a brief period of time when you feel you are going mad...

I take diazepam when I am going through what I consider to be a crisis and I have always been prescribed diazepam/clonazepam for a brief period of time when in hospital. But not on a regular basis because I couldn't face withdrawal. Mermaid is right-it's a personal choice and we all try to cope in different ways.

25-06-17, 03:35
We are all different and I think we all do the best we can to be able to cope. I wish nobody had to suffer from such a cruel illness.
Please take care.