View Full Version : Day 5 Duloxetine

13-06-17, 12:07
I started duloxetine 5 days ago for anxiety and depression. Today is not a very good day, I seem to have lost all motivation and my anxiety is through the roof with intrusive thoughts as well. I have really struggled over the past 2 years to find a medication to control my anxiety and I really suffer with side effects - mainly increased anxiety.

I have just taken a diazepam in the hope it takes the edge of a little.

I may start a little diary to chart my progress, if I manage to stay the course on this one!!

15-06-17, 12:07
Day 7

Yesterday was not too bad! Anxiety was there but I didn't need diazepam. I went for a very long my walk with the dog and daughter which was nice. Today not so good so far just had half a diazepam to see if it takes the edge of the anxiety today. Still got the can't be bothered feeling which is really unusual for me cos one of my anxiety triggers is being bored!!

Seems I have one reasonable day and one bad day :shrug:

16-06-17, 13:56
Day 8

Bad anxiety day today so far - took a diazepam at 10am. That has taken a slight edge off it so far. God I hate the start up effects of tablets. The funny thing is though I am still getting a reasonable night sleep! Roll on next week when hopefully it's died down a bit.