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16-06-17, 14:03
I'm sorry if this sounds bizarre, honestly it probably is.

I had terrible acne in the past and have several scars as a result. My parents paid for me to undergo the Fraxel laser to try and fix them and even with numbing cream and pain pills it is by far the most painful thing I've experienced (and I get migraines as well as horrible cramps).

I've had three sessions and am waiting right now, cream on my face, for the last one. I've found that occasionally I will feel a normal little tinge on my face and be intensely reminded of the procedure. Today as she was putting the cream on my face I could feel the pain as well, even though the cream itself doesn't hurt. I'm trying to hold in panic right now; no idea how I'm going to get through it.

Is something like this possible?

*I seriously had no idea an elective cosmetic procedure could be so painful. Seriously.

16-06-17, 15:30
It's entirely possible IMO. I suffer something similar now concerning needles. I hated them as a child. Then, I had to undergo allergy testing. I must have gotten 50 needles in two days along with scratch tests etc. I was about 8yo. Bucking up and doing that got me over my fear. In fact, I used to go to get my shots and the doctor would come out in the waiting room sometimes and give it to me there so I could go on my way. I still recall all the kids staring in amazement that I didn't even flinch.

Then came cancer. All the needles IVs and pain... Since then, while I don't fear needles, my mind and body has a physical reaction. I get an adrenaline rush from my toes to the top of my head when a needle pierces my skin.

So yes, I think we can react physically and mentally to an event or stimulus as you're doing.

Positive thoughts

23-06-17, 17:09
Oh FMP, I can't even compare to what you went through. I know it was an awful experience, all-around.

Thankfully, my days of the laser are behind me now (hopefully!), and hopefully it ends up being worth all the pain.