View Full Version : 2nd attempt of tapering off olanzapine

26-06-17, 17:58
This is my 2nd attempt at tapering off olanzapine 5mg. My doctor said to cut a quarter off a 5mg pill. The withdrawals are shaking,nausea,headaches,flu like symptoms and high anxiety. Has anyone successfully tapered off these I would like to know how long it takes to stabilise between cuts? Seems more brutal than my first attempt.

26-06-17, 23:03
I would like to know how long it takes to stabilise between cuts?

In adults under 60yo olanzapine has a mean half-life of about 33 hours so it takes about 7 days for plasma levels to stabilize after a dose decrease/increase (~9 days if you smoke). Dropping the dose at less than 7 day intervals may significantly increase side-effects, delaying it won't significantly reduce them. However, withdrawal isn't only a matter of chemistry and biology. Psychology is at least as important, often the most important factor in quitting, so set a pace you're comfortable with.

27-06-17, 18:07
Ok thanks for replying. I'm going to beat this :yesyes:

18-07-17, 11:29
Well I'm down to 2.5mg from 5mg now and its been a rough ride thats for sure but I'm beating this. Making another cut down to 1.25mg at the weekend so getting there.

13-08-17, 21:14
I tapered of 5mg of olanzapine about 5 months ago. I halved then quartered my tablet. For about a month in total. I only had 1 bad week with heightened anxiety. But that was it been ok since my doctor told me to just stop taking it. I done some research and decided against it. I was on it for10 months

15-08-17, 14:31
Did you have any insomnia? I've been awake all night for the past 11 days till 6am since I've come off them completely.

30-08-17, 13:56
I am planning to tapper olanzapine.
How is your sleep now.
Please reply

09-09-17, 14:00
I have successfully come off olanzapine. I jumped from a quarter of a 5mg tablet. My sleep started getting better after two weeks and the withdrawals also went away. I found getting plenty of exercise helped with both of these issues. Good luck!