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27-06-17, 18:17
So - have an appointment with a cardiologist on Friday at 9:45am. Half relieved/half nervous. I'm generally nervous going to the Dr as it is - the reception paperwork (however this time I did pre-fill online and print a copy), the waiting room just waiting for them to call you in, if it's quiet or busy in the waiting room and the doctor area... and then the thoughts of the outcome, tests etc. I am so afraid of having blood taken too - I can do it when necessary but the before during and after are hell - my 4 year old daughter does it without flinching - I get into a panic attack sitting there just knowing it can be a possibility.

Any who, aside from these other fears, I fear invasive testing of any sort. If they suggest invasive other than blood work I'll likely refuse, although I'm sure they'll just run non invasive tests as usual - no reason for invasive at this time or any in the foreseeable future - this is just a check up- so I'm definitely not getting ahead of myself and thinking else wise.

For my history with this:

I've had tests done in the past (only once or twice) - once in a hospital after a night of them (was a result/side effect of depression meds ironically meant to help my anxiety). They were all fine too - I had a lot of palpitations during it at one point - but everything else was fine so no worries - this was about 2008/2009.

Any blood tests or blood pressure over the years since then and always are always 100% on point with zero issues. I'm healthy overall - minus my anxiety I don't have any major issues. Even a thyroid thing turned out to have no effect on me.

Yet of course - with the palpitations I get (usually in times of stress or high anxiety or even very normal anxiety), I get all irrational, the logical me can go out the window for a few minutes at a time and I suddenly worry about things that aren't to be worried about - like a heart attack etc. I've had these for about a decade - yet it doesn't get easier - like anxiety, you feel the attack coming and it can really get your mind going.

Please tell me your experiences of your first appointment, what they did, etc. It'd make me feel slightly better knowing what to expect prior to going in. Although, regardless, I'll be putting my brave face on for the appointment Friday and will willingly let them take my blood if need be. I'm trying very hard not to think about it - doing very well so far - it hasn't made me feel as anxious as I thought it would. I mean, this appointment will in fact put me at ease I'm sure. Has your appointment put you at ease?


12-07-17, 08:14
Hi Fallingstar, how did you appointment go?