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01-07-17, 01:20
So after a long wait I am finally fighting back against my anxiety, I haven't been too anxious lately, but with the doc telling me my liver enzymes are high (83) had me a little anxious although I never drink, not over weight, no diabetes, my doc says she believes it was the tylenol and ibuprofen I was taking religiously while fighting a cold prior to the cbc I took which was like a month before, so I got prescribed Buspirone for anxiety, and the side effects I read don't sound pleasant, so has anyone ever taken this and know what I can expect?

Also what do you personally think about the liver enzymes being elevated have you heard of tylenol doing this?

01-07-17, 01:22
I was given that for "scanxiety"... worked quick AND.... no side effects coming off.

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01-07-17, 02:44
I just started that at the beginning of the week. I haven't been on it long enough to give you the best answer, but so far so good :)

01-07-17, 04:45
Buspirone has a much lesser side effect profile than many antidepressants and even things we take without a care can have leaflets like that.

They make a scary read but whilst they report every known side effect there is also a probability involved. Many side effects are rare or even incidence unknown.

Your anxiety may fight you in starting a med. The only way through that is to find the courage to start.

01-07-17, 10:21
I take it and have had no problems with side effects .

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01-07-17, 18:50
Well one thing that has helped me lately is staying away from Dr Google other than looking up side effects, and the affect of tylenol on liver enzymes, I didn't look up what else can cause elevated liver enzymes because I'm young not overweight and never been a drinker at all so most of the other causes probably wouldn't even apply to me it would only scare me, I've always heard diabetes is a reason for liver problems but luckily I am not a diabetic as I got tested a few months ago because my mother and cousin has diabetes.

I will say that around the same time of the cbc I had some digestive issues like light colored stool, undigested food in stool and cloudy urine, but that cleared up so I'm sure of the tylenol affected me at all it healed itself because I haven't had any symptoms since.

Just a little background on what I was taking, i was taking 2 500mg tylenol every 4-6 hours amd after every 2 hours of taking the tylenol i was taking 3 ibuprofen i think 500-600mg i was mixing these for about a week or so while fighting a severe sore throat and sinus infection,and id also take dayqui, my sinus infection was so bad that i formed a huge thick mucus in there and when i finally got it out it was red like blood and looked like chicken liver it was diagusting.

We found mold in our home and since we moved i havent had anymore sinus or throat problems amd i was having them every 2 months or so and so was my gf and son.

01-07-17, 20:04
I take a small dose twice daily. It takes a few weeks before it kicks in fully but once it does you'll know. I think it works pretty ok. It's not perfect, I personally think I need a larger dose but whatever.

The only thing that sucks about it is having to take it multiple times and also I personally feel the effects of it seem to wear off after 4-5 hours.

No real side effects here and I've stopped and started back up on it multiple times with no real issues. Always wean yourself off but apparently you can stop cold turkey from what Ive read.

01-07-17, 20:12
Is it still prescribed in the US ?

01-07-17, 21:25
Is it still prescribed in the US ?

Yes, obviously as US peeps are answering. It helped me through a rough time after my cancer. I'd start taking it a couple of weeks before my follow up appointments. No ramp up symptoms. I just noticed a general calming feeling overall after about a week. After my appointments I could stop immediately with no side effects. Everyone is different but it helped me.

Start taking the meds Legend. You have to do something to help yourself and that's a start! (and no... I don't care about your liver enzymes. That's not the real issue here!)

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01-07-17, 21:32

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01-07-17, 23:01
Thanks fish for being so straight forward all the time, you're very helpful and you seem educated and since you've personally taken the med I'll give it a shot. I'll probably get my prescription filled today and begin taking it either tonight or tomorrow. Like always I'll keep you guys up to date, this had been a long ride and hopefully I'm near my destination, and I like to update because I know others on here are like me and if they can follow my story and I finally get cured of this anxiety maybe it'll encourage them to do the same, even without the meds I have decreased my anxiety drastically, I was having thoughts of taking my life before, never actually considered it but basically fantasizing it so I know I was in a very dark place filled with anxiety and depression, and now I am not like that but I do still worry, I imagine you guys can tell by the behavior of my previous threads vs now how I post less frequently and all shows you something has changed. I will continue fighting back until I can finally lay this demon to rest. Good luck everyone.

Also yes I live in the united states so yes they do still prescribe buspirone. And I see people comparing xanax with buspirone but buspirone is more for long term anxiety treat while xanaxis fast acting and helps treat panic attacks.