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07-11-04, 02:57
A couple of weeks ago I started taking Sertraline, 50mg daily, prescribed for anxiety & panic. This follows a period of physical ill health & then a few months of major dental trauma, still ongoing.
In the past week I couldn't understand why my mouth & teeth felt so sore again. It's not dry mouth which I believe is a known side effect.
I think it is jaw clenching, despite the fact that I wear a night guard on my teeth, made by the dentist.
Has anyone else had this reaction to Sertraline or similar pills?


07-11-04, 03:07
Hi Bubbles

How you are feeling is quite common. Although you have a mouth guard on a night that will only prevent the teeth grinding but wont stop you feeling tense which will affect your teeth and jaws.

I have had a bad week and over a few nights have woken myself up grinding my teeth and although asleep through part of it could hear and feel the noise. I have had a stiff jaw all week and no doubt if i had a guard on would still feel as tense.

Side affects are so common with anti depressants which are meant to make you feel better but for the first few weeks seem to highlight your symptoms.

50 mg is a high dose to start on so you will feel the side affects, if they get too much for you how about taking half a tablets and progressing slowly to the full dose the doctor has prescribed you.

Love Sal xxxxx

07-11-04, 03:33
Dear Sal,
Thanks for your reply & advice.
I believe, now you have said, that it is jaw tension rather than actual grinding--the guard, hopefully, protecting from the latter.
Sorry you have had a bad week--& hope your sleep becomes more comfortable.
I put off going to bed because of the "jaws"---but will give in soon to the 'land of nod'!

Love & thanks, Bubbles.xx

07-11-04, 03:41
Hi Bubbles

It will no doubt be tension in your jaw that is making it feel like that.

I am like you i put of going to bed but eventually sleep catches up with us.

Hope you have a good sleep and look forward to talking again soon.

Sweet dreams and take care.

Love Sal xxxxx

07-11-04, 23:41
Hiya bubbles, I am on sertraline and have been since august this year. I was on 50mg to start with and was prescribed 100mg after 4 weeks. I havent had any side affects but I do sympathise with you over your mouth problems as I had terrible trouble reguarding infections in my gum for over 3 years! Luckily they have gone now (touch wood). I hope you will soon feel the benefit of taking sertraline soon as I really do think that it helps me.

07-11-04, 23:49
Hi Bubbles

I clench my teeth and this has got worse since I started my meds. One of my teeth crumbled away when I ate a tough piece of bread!!


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08-11-04, 01:18
Dear Twister & Corgiee,
Thanks for your replies. It helps to know that I'm not alone with the symptom of jaw clenching--but that it is part of being on the meds & one of the side effects that we are not told of!
As it was 'teeth stuff' that finally threw me into the full scale panics I'm hoping that the jaw problems will subside a bit in time as it's doing the teeth no good---one of those 'circles'!
Twister, I hope that your jaw problems ease & Corgiee, that Sertraline continues to help you.
I'll let you know how I get on.

Linda (Bubbles) xx

28-08-12, 12:58
hi there bubbles' i too have been taking sertraline for a while now' and i have also noticed that i grind my teeth for most of the day which is not very good. i have had a physical illness due to excessive alcohol abuse' and that is now under control.my main concern is the weird dreams i am having which is why the sertraline were prescribed in the first place and the anxiety.

29-08-12, 15:21
Hi bubbles, I've been on lustral 50mg for about 3 weeks now and am still experiencing side effects. I was previously on citalopram 20mg but came off it as I am TTC but the withdrawal symptoms were unbearable so the dr put me on lustral/sertraline 50mg instead. I too have had the jaw clenching/teeth grinding at night. In addition I'm feeling pretty light headed, dizzy and spaced out on occasion. I also have a dry mouth and am feeling quite anxious. I have read quite a bit about this drug and these side effects appear to be normal. You have to wait it out for a few weeks I think before you start to feek more human. As an aside has anyone started to have more health anxiety whilst on lustral? I didn't have it before at all. :ohmy:

30-08-12, 15:43
Yes, if you have defective/broken teeth, clenching your jaw can cause issues. The clenching can cut off the blood vessels to the tooth which means your white blood cells cannot protect against any bacteria that may have infected the tooth pulp.

It's happened to me before when I took Citalopram, ended up with an abcess. I don't have this side effect with Sertraline.

03-09-12, 10:55
I'm about 3 weeks into Sertraline (50mg), last week was better (week 2) but since Friday I have been horrendous with deeper depression, anxiety (including health anxiety!), headaches, sickly fluey feeling, just feel awful.

I am back to Drs on Friday and they plan to increase me to 100mg, I am hoping this has some better results.

Trying to keep strong and positive but it is hard when all you want to do is crawl back into bed and sob.