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01-07-17, 17:28
Hi. Really stressed out here.

In November 2016 I was admitted to hospital with low potassium 3.2 I think and Acute Kidney Injury. I stayed overnight and whilst they got the kidney function within range the Potassium was only just acceptable at 3.5. In December had an abdominal ultrasound which found fatty liver, gallbladder polys and a 1cm cyst on the left kidney. I talked to my GP who said the Gallbladder would be re scanned in 6 or 12 months.

Ten days ago I had a routine blood test and three days ago a letter came saying they wanted to redo the test with other tests added. This I did and I spoke to the receptionist at my GP and she said my Potassium was the problem. Yesterday my GP called and asked if I would have an urgent MRI scan as my potassium is 2.8. He has me on Potassium pills but of course I've googled and see Adrenal cancer (the benign ones don't seem to cause low Potassium). So scarred out of my mind seeing the statistics.

Anyone been in a similar situation?

02-07-17, 00:14
Are you diabetic or do you have an eating disorder?

02-07-17, 09:33
Not diabetic. Thinking about it I don't eat well. Spent time yesterday thinking if what I eat comes close to 4700mg a day and it doesn't. During the week really only one small meal a day.

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A quick calculation I probably take in 2500mg (possibly 3000mg on a good day) of Potassium a day in the working week.